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Xtraction Dashboard for CA Siteminder

by Bruce Cameron, VP/Director, Hagrid SolutionsFriday, January 7, 2011

Xtraction is a self-service solution to designing interactive dashboards and reports with simple drag-and-drop.

These dashboards have been built with data from the CA Siteminder environment and display fields from the Access and Object Logs.  Graphical and text based components can be placed into the dashboard to show data broken out based on time or grouping of their attributes - such as Category, Event, UserName, or Resource.

Hagrid Solutions Xtraction Dashboard

Analyze access activity for Siteminder across specific time of day and Event taking place by User.

Xtraction Performance Dashboard

Transaction volume and trending can be easily displayed and Xtraction dashboards are interactive and allow drill-down and cross-filtering in context of the data.

For more information go to www.hagridsolutions.com/xtraction or watch a 30sec video creating the Xtraction Siteminder dashboard.

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