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Altosoft Business Process Dashboard

by Kevin Spurway, Chief Marketing Officer, AltosoftFriday, May 29, 2009

A business is only as efficient as its business processes. More and more companies are recognizing this and investing in process improvement initiatives like Six Sigma. Some have taken the next step and are starting to implement dashboards that support this process-based approach.

The problem is, traditional business intelligence technologies (and by extension, dashboard solutions) aren’t designed with process in mind. They analyze data as a static series of records, but can’t understand the order and timing of business activities in a process context. As a result, monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing process performance generally requires custom development.

Altosoft solves this problem with a unique Process Intelligence Engine – a state engine that tracks and analyzes any process. It enables organizations not only to measure operational process performance, but also to identify which processes are the least error-prone.

These dashboards show a new client onboarding process for a fictional financial services customer.

The first dashboard measures metrics at various milestones of the two onboarding-related processes. Notice the first process contains sub-processes for anti-money laundering and financial compliance. It also contains a loop where some process instances are re-routed for review. Looping conditions are a common reason why a state engine is necessary to deliver true process dashboards.

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The second dashboard provides analysis of onboarding performance across the asset management company’s various retail branches. The table displays this information broken down into granular detail by individual customer number. All components are drillable for dimensional analysis.

Altosoft Asset Management Digital Dashboard
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And, like all Altosoft solutions, process dashboards never require any custom coding or scripting. So dashboard development is fast and easy, even if you’re working with multiple data sources and complex metrics.

About Altosoft

At Altosoft, we make BI work. To learn more about Altosoft's solutions for agile data integration and rapid, process-aware BI, please visit www.altosoft.com.

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