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InetSoft's Style Scope Dashboard

by Mark Flaherty, Vice President of Marketing, InetSoftWednesday, January 13, 2010

This is an interactive analytic dashboard that shows some of the useful capabilities of the new upgraded geographic mapping functionality in InetSoft's dashboard application, Style Scope. This live public dashboard is hosted on a free edition of the application, called Visualize Free, which lets users upload single datasets and create shareable interactive dashboards.

Inetsoft geographic mapping digital dashboard
click on dashboard for full interactive version

One of the new capabilities lets you explore the data behind what is visually charted in a map, all while staying on the same screen. So for instance, in this graphical display of lots of interesting New York City data, you can find where solar power is being used. Select the "Economic" category, the "Heating Fuel" dimension, and the "Solar Energy" group. The numbers that make up the mapping visualization on the left are summarized in the table to the right. Click on one of the districts, and then the "brush" icon in the map area toolbar, and you can see the data highlighted in the bar chart.

This lets you drill in to reams of geographically-coded data to find answers to very specific questions without having to be a database analyst to do so.

For more information please visit InetSoft

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