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Knowledge itself doesn’t make the difference
Bitam Enterprise Performance Management Dashboard Solution

by Becky Boyd, MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, http://www.mediafirst.netTuesday, April 29, 2008

Executive Dashboard designed for Enterprise Performance Management
Please click on dashboard to view full size image.

It is the intelligent way you use knowledge that makes the difference in your business. Having lots of data on your customers, finances, sales and more won’t make your company competitive. It is how you use that knowledge to make intelligent decisions about business operations, marketing strategies, and financial analysis that keeps you in the ball game!

Bitam provides Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions that manage business knowledge in an intelligent manner. Bitam’s product suite consists of world-class leading Business Intelligence (BI), Strategic Planning, and Financial Planning tools designed to support your operations with highly-reliable reporting, analysis, monitoring, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation processes. Bitam solutions are being used by small, medium, and large businesses in 18 countries around the world.

Bitam’s latest extension of their product suite, Bitam G6, features Knowledge Intelligence™, a formidable learning tool that helps businesses better understand their business issues, determine probable causes, and visualize potential fixes to these problems. Bitam’s Knowledge Intelligence capability gives an organization intelligence for the future, learned from the past.

Business Intelligence solutions offer the ability to monitor data, analyze information, then act on this information to make informed decisions. BI solutions use dashboards to showcase business activity, monitor key performance indicators, and visualize analysis. Bitam G6 goes to the next level of intelligence by creating historical databases of knowledge gained from this analysis, then help users to “learn” from these activities.

Executive Dashboard designed for Enterprise Performance Management
Please click on Dashboard to view full size image

Knowledge Intelligence drills down into the historical database of corporate data, decisions, and strategies, and offers suggested courses of action based on knowledge learned from previous activities. With Bitam's Knowledge Intelligence, before someone "acts," the system can look into the knowledge base and see potential outcomes of his actions, and whether they are beneficial or not. More importantly, a user can look within the knowledge base for "possible causes" of a problem, search for a solution, and learn from it.

For example, say on your dashboard, Net Revenue is "red." With Bitam's Knowledge Intelligence, you go into the knowledge base and see a list of probable causes of the problem, such as low inventory levels or smaller gross margins expected, etc. Users then click on a cause and a project table appears that lists various ways to solve the problem.

If there is not a way to solve the problem, you can start a new project, such as to review forecasting algorithms if the inventory levels are low. Bitam G6’s Project Management feature lets you add tasks to a project table, or use a pre-defined template of tasks. The Project Manager keeps track of when the project was started, completed, who worked on it, how much time, cost to company, etc. You can set up responsibilities for each action and review whether people have completed their actions or not.

The learning portion comes when you associate outcomes of the actions taken and define how good a solution that was for solving the problem. So next time Net Revenue is "red," you can click on low inventory levels, and know how to solve the problem because the information was captured from the last time this happened.

Knowledge has value, yet intelligence has power. The two together, Knowledge Intelligence, is a powerful and strategic use of knowledge assets that empowers employees to make smarter business decisions, quickly and effectively, and, more importantly, to learn from this knowledge. Now that is intelligent!

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