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WebSite Analytics Dashboard
built using Excel and BonaVista Microcharts

by Andreas Lipphardt, Design / Development, BonaVista SystemsThursday, June 21, 2007

This is a dashboard screenshot from the article Building Effective Digital Dashboards with Excel.

Here is our latest Excel based dashboard. It’s a WebSite Analytics dashboard. The upper chart in the dashboard shows the Visitors in June, the lower part of the dashboard shows the Visitor / Traffic / Goal metrics enriched with area sparklines and a ranking table.

The whole dashboard was built with Excel and MicroCharts. People often ask us which tool we use to build our dashboards and are surprised that the answer is Excel. Excel is actually one of the most flexible (and cost effective) dashboard tools in the market and is useful for building information-dense, effective dashboards.

Website Analytics Didital Dashboard made in Excel

Dashboard by BonaVista Systems

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