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Altosoft Insight Personal Edition
A Fast Dashboard for Fast Food

by Kevin Spurway, Chief Marketing Officer, AltosoftMonday, January 5, 2009
Altosoft Insight Personal Edition Dashboard
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Any BI company can show a slick dashboard demo. But what did it actually take to build that dashboard? That’s where the rubber meets the road.

This dashboard was built by Altosoft’s non-technical VP of Marketing in less than ONE HOUR from multiple data sources using a completely FREE version of the company’s software, Insight Personal Edition (PE).

The dashboard was created in order to demonstrate what can be accomplished with in a very short period of time with Altosoft. Altosoft technology also supports development of more sophisticated, refined, and powerful dashboards. All development is 100% code free – no SQL, proprietary scripting, or any other code is required.

This particular dashboard monitors and analyzes sales and order information for a fictional food products company called Fast Foods. It uses dynamic, drillable Flash components for visualization and dimensional analysis. The dashboard integrates data from two different databases.

This five minute video shows the drag-and-drop dashboard layout process for a similar dashboard.

Altosoft Insight Personal Edition (aka Insight PE) is a fully functional product offered by Altosoft FREE of charge. Insight PE is installed on a user's personal computer (laptop or desktop). With Insight PE, a user can connect to and visualize data from one or many ODBC-compatible data sources, including databases like Oracle and SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, or even data warehouses.

Insight PE is NOT a typical time limited trial. Users can download Insight PE and use it as much as they choose, without any time constraint.

Insight PE users also have an easy upgrade path to the full enterprise versions of Altosoft’s business intelligence and agile data integration products, InsightBI and MetricsMart.

About Altosoft

At Altosoft, we make BI work. To learn more about Altosoft's solutions for process-aware BI and agile data integration, please visit www.altosoft.com.
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