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Aperandi's Marketing Dashboard

by Ahmed Datoo, http://www.aperandi.comMonday, July 6, 2009

Aperandi's marketing dashboard will help you drive budgeting decisions, set priorities, and align marketing with sales. Using Aperandi, you can determine which campaigns and marketing mediums yielded the best results for the least amount of money. There is no software to install, no customization required. Easy to use marketing dashboards are up and running in minutes, providing you with instant insight on marketing's impact on sales.

Track Effectiveness of Marketing Channel

Aperandi Marketing digital dashboard

Ever wonder whether your outbound phone efforts generate more leads than your PR activities? Or whether referrals from alliance partners generate more sales leads than visitors to your website? Aperandi's easy to use marketing dashboards provide instant visibility into the marketing channels that generate the most sales leads for your organization.

Identify the Best Performing Marketing Campaigns

marketing digital dashboard summary page

You run hundreds of marketing programs a year. Ever wonder which were your best performing campaigns? Aperandi uses a variety of performance metrics to identify the top 3 campaigns by marketing channel. Users can drill down in Aperandi's marketing dashboard to quickly identify top performing programs based on the highest number of leads, the best marketing ROI, even the most sales.

View Demand Generation Activities by Geography

marketing digital dashboard showing leads by geographical area

Several of your sales teams claim that they are not receiving the same number of leads as other territories. Quickly validate this assertion by examining demand generation by geographic location. This analysis will help you identify the states with the most leads, as well as the states with the fewest leads. States with the least leads might warrant special regional targeted marketing campaigns to bolster lead flow.

To View A Demo or to Sign up For a Free Trial, visit http://www.aperandi.com/


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