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Avitec Airline Dashboard

by Steve BogdonThursday, October 22, 2009

This is a sample dashboard as it appears for an airline when it registers at our website.

Each AVITEC customer has a seperate dashboard and can not see the dashboard of other customers.

Avitec Airline Management Dashboard
click on dashboard for full size version

The dashboard is composed by the following indicators:

  1. The SAFA ratio of the airline. The color zones give an indication versus other airines in the program. 10% means that the airine is among the 10% worst performing airlines in the program.
  2. The inspections agregated by month and split over their severities. The red line indicates a 6-month sliding average of the number of inspections.
  3. The SAFA Profile. It gives an indication of the distribution of the inspection severities. Idealy, the distribution should be exponentiel decreasing, making 0 finding inspections the most probable ones.
  4. The findings risk. It gives the probability that a finding of category 1, 2 or 3 is raised during an inspection.
  5. The item recurrence risk. It indicates the probability to have a finding raised on a specific item during an inspection. This indicator can be considered  in the sens of safety management and should therefore be given a threshold in form of an ALOS (Acceptabel Level of Safety) which in the example was set to 16%.

The dashboard will also give access to all SAFA inspection reports, if provided by the airline. We can also develop specific charts to monitor effectiveness of corrective actions for example.

For more information please visit Avitec

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