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Ctuit Radar - Configurable Dashboard for Restaurants

by Bob Looney, www.ctuit.com/Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ctuit Radar Restaurant Performance Digital Dashboard
Click on dashboard for full sized version

The Ctuit Radar dashboard provides customizable views of the data that drives restaurants.  The dashboard is based on a widget concept where a company can select the charts, gauges, and tables that are most meaningful to them.  Companies can configure multiple dashboards to track different metrics or to provide data to different audiences.  For companies with multiple locations, dashboards can be viewed at the company, district, or location level.

A variety of charts quickly point out sales and labor trends. Other widgets help management track losses via complimentary discounts, item voids and promotions.  Widgets can also show sales of items that are being promoted to see which locations and strategies prove most successful.  The ability to compare locations in a district or in an entire company can quickly highlight hidden trends or outliers.

The Dashboard was built using ASP.NET AJAX, Dundas Charts, and Dundas Gauges.  Changing days or locations is done without posting back the page, giving the application a Web 2.0 feel.  Hovering over data points provides additional data, and clicking data points drills down to related charts or reports.

About Us

Ctuit Software is a leading provider of Business Intelligence Applications to the Hospitality and Retail industries.  Started in 2000, Ctuit has grown from a garage startup to offices in Texas and California supporting over 1,300 locations.  Ctuit aims to be a high powered, low cost provider of decision support tools.

Ctuit released Radar in October of 2008, a second generation business intelligence application.  Radar works with your existing point of sale software to provide next day web based reporting, tracking and charting.  Optional modules for Inventory, Accounts Payable, Scheduling, and Recipe tools enhance the core package to centralize management of all aspects of operations.  For questions or to request a demonstration, contact sales@ctuit.com.

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