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Delivering on the Promise of Mobile BI
Business Intelligence for iPhone

by Neil Florio, http://www.qliktech.comFriday, April 17, 2009

As the worlds of serious business applications and personal productivity devices merge, people want and expect their business intelligence to always be within arm’s reach.  However, just posting a static report on a mobile screen may be marginally helpful but it typically creates a tremendously frustrating user experience, leaving no opportunity to interact with the data.

With the advent of more powerful mobile devices and ubiquitous broadband wireless networks, business users now have more options that tear down the boundaries between mobile and desktop BI.

QlikView for iPhone is one of the first truly interactive mobile BI app built specifically for the iPhone.  

qliktec business intelligence shown on a iphone qliktec mobile business intelligence shown on a iphone

It fully leverages iPhone’s Multi-Touch and GPS features to deliver QlikView’s familiar interactive capabilities. The result is a useful enterprise app that puts the power of sophisticated, real-time business answers in the hands of mobile users worldwide.  With QlikView for iPhone, salespeople can drill deep into accounts and get granular, up-to-the minute answers and analysis that help them do their job better. From specific customer or product data, down to a single SKU or employee name.

Product Highlights:

Interactive – click through line items on a list box or chart to get to answers, going deep into regional or product data. 
Cover Flow– flip through relevant business analysis, make a new selection and those changes are instantly reflected throughout. 
GPS-enabled – automatically delivers local customer sales, service or inventory data as reps approach a customer or supplier facility.
Feature-rich – use Search, Bookmark and Shake to Erase

QlikView for iPhone connects over the network to a QlikView Server with no underlying database and is compatible with any iPhone running the 2.0 OS or higher.

The video demo of the iPhone application is at  www.qliktech.com/iphone or the application can be downloaded for free at http://www.apple.com/iphone/appstore.

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