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Dundas Data Visualization / PowerFlo Dashboard
A Dundas Data Visualization interactive dashboard

by Ed Worsfold, Director of Marketing, Dundas Data VisualizationThursday, October 11, 2007
Dundas Data Visualization Executive Dashboard

PowerFlo Energy Electricity Status Dashboard This dashboard visualizes critical real-time data from an Illinois power company. Various regions or cities display potential (and average) power capacity, with a demand threshold timed throughout the day. Note the warnings of blackouts and the restoration of power!

The dashboard was built using the Enterprise version of Dundas Chart for ASP.NET. This dashboard contains a real time stream of data which could be hooked up to anything from an SQL Database to a custom web service; in this case it is a random data generator. Internally, the Chart uses AJAX in order to perform the partial page update necessary for both the real time and the drill down functionality. The source code for this particular dashboard is of course available by request through the sales department at Dundas Data Visualization.

Once you click on the image above you will be taken to the live dashboard.

View Live Dashboard
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