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Extended Results Presents World Cup Social Stats Revolution!

by Trina Bergquist, VP/Director, Extended ResultsWednesday, June 16, 2010

A good colleague of mine over at Microsoft, Bruno Aziza, gave me a call on a Sunday night to discuss Extended Results partnering with Microsoft on the development of a World Cup Social Media Analytics web page.   Bruno chose us because we have technologies to capture the social conversation going on along with the advanced visualizations we do in Microsoft SilverLight.  I told Bruno, where do we sign up!  Check out www.extendedresults.com/worldcup for the demo.

World Cup Social Stats Revolution 2010
click on image for full interactive version

We started the project about 7 days ago with Microsoft using our Social Media Server solution to provide some insight into World Cup 2010.   Within just a couple days using our existing Social Media Server solution, we were able to capture over 800,000+ World Cup mentions in just 7 days!  Amazing…

There are many social media software solutions on the market basically all competing for your marketing dollars.   We took a completely different approach to the space in that we believe all this information needs to be captured and stored within a companies enterprise database and tied to other ERP solutions (CRM, Financial, Marketing, Competitive, etc).   Having the information stored within a SQL database, we can create laser sharp focused results out of the social media data, whenever we want, and tie it to business performance objectives.  Powerful…

Extended Results

Extended Results was founded by business intelligence experts – people who understand the needs of customers based on personal experience across many industries – media/entertainment, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, high technology and retail. We deliver end-to-end technology and business intelligence solutions and services with extensive knowledge that is balanced with solid business and technical experience that resonates with business leaders in terms that they can understand.

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