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Fusion Charts Sales Dashboard Demo

by Pallav Nadhani, Founder, http://www.infosoftglobal.comWednesday, February 25, 2009

Click on Dashboard for Interactive Demo

FusionCharts can be effectively used to create highly intuitive and interactive financial dashboards. Using the wide variety of charts and maps available in FusionCharts Suite, you can give a lively face to all your boring data tables. In this example, we've used FusionCharts to create a Sales Dashboard.

Click on Dashboard for Interactive Demo

About Us

InfoSoft Global (P) Limited is a leading provider of visual web applications and solutions. We're the creators of FusionCharts - the leading Flash Charting Suite globally. At InfoSoft Global, we've identified Rich Internet Applications based on Adobe Flashô Platform as our focus area. We believe that Adobe Flash is a breakthrough in delivering effective experiences to end users, enabling rich Internet applications that blend content, application logic and communications.

We fuse bleeding edge technologies to deliver a solid end product, retaining the ease of use, providing time & cost saving measures and delivering the best output by expanding the bounds of web to the extremity.

The dashboard can also be seen in action at: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Demos/SalesDashboard/

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