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Mobile BI Dashboards for Restaurants
Radar To Go

by Bob Looney, www.ctuit.com/Friday, July 10, 2009

Building on the reports and dashboards from Ctuit Radar, our industry leading business intelligence software for restaurants, Radar To Go delivers next day point of sale data and analysis from your restaurant company to your mobile device.

Radar To Go has been optimized for mobile devices by providing fast loading images, reports and data tables with improved navigation.

Timely, Fresh Data

Timely fact based data is the most beneficial to operators and decision makers. With the added benefit of mobile devices offering remote fact-based data available anywhere – critical information is available at any time and location where you can get wireless access. This accessibility assists operators in catching small issues before they turn into big problems. Improved access to your data allows for timely questions to your managers and employees. For example, asking a manager or server about an odd check or strange comp the following day will yield significantly better answers on the following day - rather than the same question asked a week later.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile Restaurant Dashboard displayed on Apple's iPhoneWe have used various techniques to create a fast, mobile friendly dashboard experience. Traditional Radar dashboard charts have been resized and streamlined to load fast over limited bandwidth mobile networks. Radar To Go adheres to web standards so that the site works well on the maximum number of mobile devices.

Navigation for the mobile dashboard was overhauled to work easily with touch screen devices. In addition, a pass through reporting widget allows the user to select and pre-configure our standard Ctuit Radar business intelligence reports to run with one touch. Some examples are a Date of Business (DOB) Labor Summary or a Week to Date (WTD) Flash Report that can be run for the selected date and location with just a single touch.

About Us

Ctuit Software is a leading provider of Business Intelligence Applications to the Hospitality and Retail industries.  Started in 2000, Ctuit has grown from a garage startup to offices in Texas and California supporting over 1,300 locations.  Ctuit aims to be a high powered, low cost provider of decision support tools.

For questions or to request a demonstration, contact sales@ctuit.com.


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