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Operations Dashboard for a Debt Collections Company

by Andreas Lipphardt, Design / Development, BonaVista SystemsFriday, October 16, 2009

By: Ajay V, Singh. This article features the winner of the 1st price of the 2009 Excel dashboard competition

The target audience are the CXO level execs of the business, aiming to provide a view of all the nerve points of the organization in a single unified interface that is portable and yet comprehensive.

The dashboard layout is dense but uncluttered and well thought through. Colours are well balanced, and allow the reds to draw the reader’s attention as intended.

Click on dashboard for full size version


The highly competitive debt collections business has matured from a being characterized by single location, single office firms to multi geography, multi client, technologically savvy global companies offering solutions customized to meet client requirements. The dashboard serves the need of the CXO of such a concern by providing him a feel of all the nerve points of the organization in a single unified interface that is portable and yet comprehensive.


It is of vital importance for any debt collection company to score high on client metrics. Clients will typically place a set of accounts (called a "portfolio") with a debt collection agency and would expect the agency to provide the highest net-back. The company then internally has to decide the most optimum mix of location-manpower-portfolio liquidation that allows it to score high on client requirements and yet help keep the costs associated with the work effort to a minimum.

The collection dashboard provides the decision maker a quick grasp on where various client portfolio are being worked and how they are performing vs. the goals set by the client. The dashboard also ensures that if a particular branch continues to perform sub-optimally across various client portfolios or a client portfolio (being worked acorss multiple locations) shows signs of decline, the decision maker is able to grasp these indicators early on.


Most of the joinees in a collection/account receivable firm are typically fresh school/college passouts. The success of the firm is dependent on how fast do the young trainees come up the learning curve. If a fresh recruit is not meeting the targets set for him/her by the end of the first six months, it is an indication that additional steps need to be taken to bring them up the curve faster.

Attrition levels also serve as an indicator of how one branch in a location is performing compared to any other location (oftentimes branches are located across continents). If attrition is seen high in one office vs. the other ones, that acts as a red flag which needs attention.

Performance measurement does not stop at the juniormost level. Managers, branch directors and Vice presidents all have their own goals and their performance is measured against them. The dashboard provides a quick review of how various personnel have performed during the period under review.

Both the above measures (Client and Personnel) are measured on a monthly basis. By making extensive use of pivot tables and named lists, the dashboard ensures that rework is kept to a minimum when fresh data sets arrive at the end of each month. This essentially means that once the data is plugged in to the placeholder for raw data, all that needs to be done is to refresh the pivots. Only of a handful of values need to be updated manually. All this ensures that the CXO is served a "hot" dashboard right at the beginning of the month thus expediting the decision making process. Also by avoiding the use of macros, maintaince overhead has been reduced which hopefully will provide the dashboard a longer shelf life.

For more information please visit BonaVista Systems.

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