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Here are short bios of Dashboard Insight's regular contributors. For information on becoming a contributor, please contact the Editor.

Picture of Lyndsay Wise

Lyndsay Wise

Lyndsay Wise is an industry analyst for business intelligence. For over seven years, she has assisted clients in business systems analysis, software selection and implementation of enterprise applications. Lyndsay is the channel expert for BI for the Mid-Market at B-eye-Network and conducts research of leading technologies, products and vendors in business intelligence, marketing performance management, master data management, and unstructured data. She can be reached at lwise@wiseanalytics.com. And please visit Lyndsay's blog at myblog.wiseanalytics.com.

Picture of William Laurent

William Laurent

A Contributing Editor for Dashboard Insight, William Laurent is one of the world's leading experts in information strategy and governance. For more than 20 years, he has advised numerous companies and governments on technology strategy, methodologies, and best practices. He is a regularly featured writer and columnist for DM Review where he writes about IT and corporate governance. William currently serves on the faculty of Baruch College, runs an independent consulting company that bears his name, and lectures frequently on various technology and business topics worldwide. Mr. Laurent is the former President of National Information Management. He would enjoy your comments at wlaurent@williamlaurent.com

Picture of Gary Cokins

Gary Cokins

Gary Cokins is a strategist for SAS, a market leader in data management, business intelligence and analytical software. He is an internationally recognized expert, speaker and author on advanced cost management and performance-improvement systems. He is the author of five books, An ABC Manager's Primer, Activity-Based Cost Management: Making It Work, Activity-Based Cost Management: An Executive's Guide (Wiley), Activity-Based Cost Management in Government and his latest work, Performance Management: Finding the Missing Pieces to Close the Intelligence Gap (Wiley). You can contact him at gary.cokins@sas.com.

Picture of Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Steve Miller is President of OpenBI, LLC, a Chicago-based services firm focused on delivering business intelligence solutions with open source software. A statistician/quantitative analyst by education, Steve has 30 years BI experience. His charter – and OpenBI's – is to help customers manage performance through optimal deployment of analytics. Steve is a columnist for DMReview and writes also for BIReview and the B-Eye-Network. In addition to R, OpenBI specializes in the Pentaho and JasperSoft open source BI platforms and Weka data mining. Steve can be reached at steve.miller@openbi.com. Steve blogs frequently on Stat's Mans Corner at miller.openbi.com.

Picture of Sandy Asch

Sandy Asch

Sandy Asch is principal of Alliance for Organizational Excellence LLC, and author of Excellence at Work: The Six Keys to Inspire Passion in the Workplace published by WorldatWork press. She brings 18 years success working with companies to build workplace excellence and gain the reputation as an employer of choice so they can attract, optimize and retain the top talent they need to meet and exceed their goals. Ten thousand individuals from 300+ companies have participated in her programs as a means to achieve improved results. Asch holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Management and has taught Graduate and Undergraduate classes at two universities.

Picture of Alexander Chiang

Alexander Chiang

Alexander Chiang leads the Consulting Services Department for Dundas Data Visualization Inc. He has advised various Fortune 100 companies on the technology platforms and tools that best fit their dashboard requirements. His many years of user interface design and understanding of data visualization techniques position him well in facilitating effective software solutions for the broader BI community.

Picture of Wayne Eckerson

Wayne Eckerson

Wayne W. Eckerson is the director of research for The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), a worldwide association of business intelligence and data warehousing professionals that provides education, training, research, and certification. Eckerson has 18 years of industry experience and has covered data warehousing and business intelligence since 1995. Eckerson is the author of many in-depths reports, a columnist for several business and technology magazines, and a noted speaker and consultant. He authored the book Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business published by John Wiley & Sons in October, 2005.

Picture of Tom Gonzalez

Tom Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is the founder and Managing Director of BrightPoint Consulting, Inc. Tom's primary role at BrightPoint is leading the design and development of customized business intelligence solutions that incorporate his visionary approach to software design, resulting in immersive, interactive, and intuitive end-user applications.

For over 20 years Tom has followed his passion in developing innovative and value driven software applications both large and small, with proof-of-concept projects lasting days to multi-million dollar, multi-year development efforts. During his career, working for such notable clients as Apple, Adobe, Business Objects, BP-Arco, Kimberly Clark, Northrop-Grumman, Symantec, as well as many others, Tom has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to developing data-centric applications by uniquely combining his experience in software architecture, data warehousing, data visualization, business process, application development, user-centric design, and visual arts.

Tom graduated with honors from the University of California, San Diego, where he studied a unique combination of Computer Science, Visual Arts, and Economics. He currently resides in Carlsbad, California, with his wife and two sons.

Picture of Shadan Malik

Shadan Malik

Shadan Malik is the president and CEO of Troy, MI-based BI Dashboard software company iDashboards. He is also the author of Enterprise Dashboards - Design and Best Practices (Wiley 2005). Shadan is an expert on the subject of business intelligence dashboard, also holds two patents within the area of data visualization for dashboard.

Picture of David Moore

David Moore

David Moore has over 20 years of experience as an accomplished executive leader with a portfolio of successes leading the growth and profitability of financial services companies. In addition, he has accumulated experience as a decision support systems architect and project leader. Today, as a consultant, educator and president of Business Avionics, David focuses on bringing the principles of situation awareness and good dashboard design into the C-level offices and boardrooms of corporate America. His mission is to design and build corporate cockpits that give business leaders a real understanding of their competitive and strategic position relative to their own goals as influenced by Porter's Five Forces. He is working to raise the awareness that a strategic plan and a budget are not isolated functions but very much part of the same exercise.

Picture of Neil Raden

Neil Raden

Neil Raden is founder and president of Hired Brains, a research and consulting firm that assists technology companies with product design, marketing and messaging; and venture capitalists with evaluating potential and existing investments.

Picture of Craig Schiff

Craig Schiff

Craig, a pioneer in business performance management, helped create and define the field as it evolved from business intelligence and analytic applications into BPM. He has worked with BPM and related technologies for more than 20 years, first as a founding member at IMRS/Hyperion Software (now Hyperion Solutions) and later cofounded OutlookSoft where he was President and CEO.

Craig is a frequent author on BPM topics and monthly columnist for the Business Intelligence Network. He has led several jointly produced web casts with Business Finance Magazine including Beyond the Hype: The Truth about BPM Vendors, the three-part vendor review entitled BPM Xpo and BPM 101: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Business Performance Management. He is a recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. BPM Partners is a vendor-independent professional services firm focused exclusively on BPM, providing expertise that helps companies successfully evaluate and deploy BPM systems. Craig can be reached at cschiff@bpmpartners.com.

Picture of Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider

Mr. Schneider, President and co-founder of OnDemandIQ, started OnDemandIQ in January of 2005 as a full-service analytics company focused on the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry, providing many of the analytical capabilities of Big-Pharma to smaller enterprises. Prior to OnDemandIQ, he led strategy initiatives for FEI Women’s Health, a medical device sales and marketing organization and was responsible for the creation of their sales organization. Mr. Schneider has also held technology leadership positions with Proxicom, Inc and consulted on large-scale web initiatives to companies such as Merrill Lynch and ExxonMobil.

Mr. Schneider holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.

Picture of Ayush Shrestha

Ayush Shrestha

Ayush "Yash" Shrestha is a Technical Evangelist at Dundas Data Visualization. The bulk of his work entails satisfying the logical and aesthetic conundrums posed by business intelligence applications. In addition to this he works very closely with both the Marketing and Consulting departments at Dundas in an advisory role.

He is working to sell the notion that timely analysis of BI indicators in conjunction with non-invasive micromanagement is a good thing.

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