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10 useful Google Analytics custom dashboards

Friday, May 31, 2013

E-consultancy on how a bit of customization always helps if you want to extract maximum value from Google Analytics.

A bit of customisation always helps if you want to extract maximum value from Google Analytics.

Custom reports are a great way to do this, but custom dashboards also play a useful role, allowing you to view key metrics at a glance and tailor the view to your own needs.

Here I've rounded up 10 custom GA dashboards from various sources.

Just click on the link under the screenshots to automatically add these to your Google Analytics profile...

Mobile commerce dashboard

A useful one for tracking your mobile performance from the excellent Justin Cutroni blog.

This one shows a range of valuable data in one screen: mobile revenues, top handsets, top mobile content, keywords and more.

Mobile commerce dashboard

The 'perfect' ecommerce dashboard

This, according to Michael Wiegand, is the perfect dashboard for ecommerce sites.

The perfect ecommerce dashboard

Site performance dashboard

This one shows various metrics which may be useful to identify problems on your site.

Click here to check the rest of them out.

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