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Ardentia Introduces RiO Adapter to Offer Mental Health Trusts Enhanced Management Reporting Capability

by Steve BogdonTuesday, October 19, 2010

19 October 2010 – Healthcare business intelligence specialist Ardentia has introduced an interface to the RiO Patient Administration System (PAS) from CSE Servelec, designed to help mental health trusts undertake more in-depth, enterprise-wide reporting to meet NHS requirements and support robust business planning.

With thousands of people across the NHS using the RiO mental health electronic records system to manage client records, Ardentia’s RiO adapter enables this information to be used in wider reporting on client care and business management issues. This will allow mental health trusts to meet the requirements for Foundation Trust status and support NHS policy agendas.

The adapter maps data from the RiO PAS into Ardentia’s Healthware data warehouse, and also has the potential to integrate with other data warehouses. This provides clinicians and managers with a unified business intelligence platform to undertake more comprehensive trust-wide analysis, allowing them to prepare for the wider adoption of service line management and reporting in mental health trusts.

Steve Taylor, sales & marketing manager at Ardentia said: “With increasing pressure on mental health trusts to carry out more detailed financial reporting and operate on a firm business footing, it’s vital that they have a system that gives them trust-wide access to data and facilitates in-depth reporting.

“We have developed the RiO adapter to help mental health trusts meet these requirements, allowing them to make more informed management decisions to improve efficiency and enhance client care.”

With mental health care requiring the involvement of several different health professionals working in partnership to provide complex packages of care, the solution enables this data to be reviewed and analysed in a single repository.

By combining records from various sources such as the Patient Administration System (PAS) and other clinical systems, with finance and workforce data, clinicians and managers can carry out more detailed analysis to meet NHS reporting requirements.

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