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BI and Rich Internet Applications

by Steve BogdonThursday, February 18, 2010

In March, Dashboard Insight will be examining "BI and rich internet applications" (RIAs).  This popular topic is bound to deliver interesting technical information, as well as a variety of opinions and perspectives.  The posting of such cutting-edge content will surely be a treat for us and our readers!

RIAs commonly include Flash, Silverlight, Java, AJAX and more.  With the latest generation of digital dashboards currently being deployed utilizing RIAs, dashboard users have certainly noticed many visual and technological benefits (more interaction, greater accessibility across platforms, video capabilities, the list goes on).

How are those in the BI space using RIAs like Flash and Silverlight to visually represent their business data?  And what are the latest developments in the pipe for the next few quarters? 

Join us next month as we shine a spotlight on RIA - the critical "bells and whistles" of dashboard technologies.


Flash And Silverlight - New Staples Of Rich Visual BI Applications

Fighting words are exchanged daily; battle lines drawn and redrawn; relationships between programmers, architects and graphic designers torn asunder. But does there really have to emerge a hands-down winner in the Adobe Flash vs. Microsoft Silverlight war? After all, developers and vendors of richly visual business intelligence e-solutions now have two fantastic frameworks for incorporating interactive multimedia, graphics and animations into their applications.

by: William Laurent, William Laurent, Inc.

Why RIA allows a New Breed of Business Intelligence Solution

Most RIA technologies have their roots in drawing tools so data visualization is in their blood. When you build using them, you hold in your hands real weapons to push the limits of information visualization. For example, it is possible to implant Google Maps to create stunning heatmaps with a couple of clicks. RIA also allows something so often missing in the software industry – sexiness.

by: Nicolas Raspal, We Are Cloud

The Use Of Rich Media To Increase Dashboard Interactivity

This article discusses the increasing market demand for dashboards and the related adoption of rich media use. This article also provides an overview of rich media for dashboards. In addition, it reviews the business case for interactive dashboards and looks at some benefits and challenges organizations should consider when looking at more advanced data visualization use.

by: Lyndsay Wise, WiseAnalytics

What Users Want from their BI Investments

People have come to expect highly interactive, well-designed and intuitive visual interfaces in the systems they use in everyday life. Successful BI systems are just as easy to use. They put the information relevant to a decision in a visual context that people can comprehend and interpret quickly. In addition to ease-of-use, the BI systems experts face challenges related to the sheer volume of data available, the frequency of data updates (particularly in operational environments), and the multitude of data sources that can play into a decision-making process.

by: Hugh Heinsohn, Panopticon Software AB

Dundas Dashboard: Why Dundas Chose Silverlight For Its New Dashboard Framework

When Dundas embarked on the decision to develop a brand new dashboard creation and collaboration application – Dundas Dashboard – countless questions and considerations needed to be addressed. Issues of architecture, usability, performance, audience (and a host of others) all enjoyed center stage during the planning phase.

by: Ayush (Yash) Shrestha, Dundas Data Visualization

Dashboard Insight will be adding "BI and rich internet applications" articles all month. If you would like your article featured here please contact Steve Bogdon for more information

Please check back often.

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