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Big Data and Climate Change

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightFriday, November 29, 2013

Can big data help with understanding and predicting the affects of climate change? Inside BigData looks at how data is being used and is helping us better understand global climate change:

Big Data continues to march forward by touching an increasing number of segments of business and science so it should be no surprise that climate science researchers are now using these technologies to gain better insight into anthropogenic sources of climate change. A new paper was recently published in the journal Climatic Change that uses historical data all the way back to 1854 in order to identify the biggest producers of fuels driving climate change. The author, Richard Heede of Climate Accountability Institute in Snowmass, CO, reported that just 90 companies worldwide produced fuels that generated two-thirds of industrial greenhouse gas emissions from 1854-2010. The companies include investor owned corporations and state-owned oil companies. The top five producers over the last 150 years are Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Saudi Aramco, BP and Gazprom (the Russian company that is the world’s largest natural gas producer). Two major U.S. coal and natural gas companies, Peabody Energy and Consol Energy, were among the top 20.

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