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CallMiner Announces Operational Efficiency Improvements For Enterprise Speech Analytics Customers

by Maroushka Kanywani, Editor, Dashboard InsightThursday, November 6, 2008

FORT MYERS, Fla.-November 6, 2008 --CallMiner Inc., the industry leader in advanced speech analytics, today announced it had achieved a 50% reduction in the database footprint for enterprise customers implementing CallMiner Eureka!® 6.1.

CallMiner estimates that for a mid-sized enterprise with a 1,000 seat contact center mining 10,000 hours per day of customer conversations/audio and retaining the audio for 12 months, a 50% reduction in the data footprint would accrue approximately $141,000 in savings per year, said Jeff Gallino, chief technology officer. CallMiner is committed to helping enterprise customers save money and improve efficiencies by significantly decreasing the total cost of use in a speech analytics implementation.

The amount of new storage capacity installed each year is increasing exponentially leaving CIOs and IT managers struggling to utilize every IT dollar more effectively.

Doing more with less is the new charge, Gallino said. Today, IT executives and business owners are looking at every option they have at their disposal to control costs. With Eureka 6.1, we have reduced the database footprint by 50%, a savings that is making our enterprise speech analytics customers enormously happy. And naturally, with a smaller data footprint, Eureka search is also faster, increasing productivity for contact center operations.

About CallMiner

CallMiner is the industry leader in advanced speech analytics. CallMiner Eureka is the only speech analytics solution that automatically and accurately mines 100% of recorded conversations to discover the real voice of customers without listening to every call. CallMiner customers are empowered with real time and actionable business intelligence enabling their organizations to significantly improve customer service, enhance agent quality, increase sales and impact marketing effectiveness. For more information, please contact CallMiner at (239) 689-6463 or visit www.callminer.com.

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