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Centrifuge Recognized as Cool Vendor in Analytics, BI and Performance Management by Leading Analyst Firm

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

McLean, VA, May 5, 2010 – Centrifuge Systems, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation business intelligence (BI) software, today announced that it has been included in the list of “Cool Vendors in BI and Performance Management” published April 22, 2010 by Bill Glassman et al of Gartner, Inc.

The report identifies companies that offer innovative, impactful and intriguing approaches and technology for business intelligence and data exploration. To view and print this complimentary report, visit: View Gartner Report.

Centrifuge provides freeform data exploration via link analysis techniques, with connections rendered as interactive visualizations. This gives users the ability to find groupings and patterns and see non-obvious relationships and anomalies in large data sets at record level detail. In addition, Centrifuge incorporates visualizations such as charts, maps and time lines into a highly interactive form of BI. Users can also quickly connect to and integrate data from multiple sources into consolidated visualizations.

“We are honored to be selected as a Cool Vendor in the BI space by Gartner.” said Guljit Khurana, CEO of Centrifuge. “The demand for BI and analytics is skyrocketing. Businesses today need effective ways to reveal non-obvious insights quickly. Users want products that are easy to use and can be implemented in days rather than months. We believe the unique Centrifuge approach is well-aligned with this growing need and has been proven in the most demanding applications in the world.”

“We are also pleased to see Gartner recognize the growing value of link analysis. We believe this to be an indispensable tool in understanding hidden relationships,” continues Khurana. “Businesses interested in identifying important networks of consumers, influencers, partners or corporate assets can apply Centrifuge against any number of data sources. Today, public- and private-sector organizations are using Centrifuge both as a standalone application and in conjunction with traditional BI tools. In addition to wide usage across public sector organizations and agencies, Centrifuge is used for fraud analysis, product defect analysis, customer relationship management and more. Because Centrifuge can be installed quickly and features an intuitive user interface, the training needed to use this technology is minimal.”
Centrifuge allows you to download and use its software for free. You can also try it online with no software to install. To start your evaluation Click Here.

Cool Vendor Disclaimer

About Gartner's Cool Vendors Selection Process

Gartner's listing does not constitute an exhaustive list of vendors in any given technology area, but rather is designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness of a particular purpose.

Gartner defines a cool vendor as a company that offers technologies or solutions that are: Innovative, enable users to do things they couldn't do before; Impactful, have, or will have, business impact (not just technology for the sake of technology); Intriguing, have caught Gartner's interest or curiosity in approximately the past six months.

About Centrifuge

Centrifuge Systems (www.centrifugesystems.com) is a leading provider of next-generation business intelligence software that helps organizations discover insights, patterns and relationships hidden in their data. The unique Centrifuge approach to data visualization is called Interactive Analytics and brings together three innovations in analysis: Interactive Data Visualization, Unified Data Views and Collaborative Analysis. With Centrifuge, users ask open-ended questions of their data by interacting with visual representations of the data directly.

Traditional business intelligence solutions require users to define what they want to see in advance and present the results in static dashboards. With Centrifuge, users determine what is of interest "on the fly," then manipulate the displays directly in a highly interactive fashion. The experience is refreshingly easy-to-use and the resulting insights can be extraordinary. Data integration has never been more flexible in allowing users to join disparate data sources without any complex programming or wait times.

Centrifuge is used in some of the most demanding applications in the world, including counter-terrorism, homeland defense, cyber security and financial crimes analysis. Commercial applications of this technology include fraud analysis, cyber security, performance management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, manufacturing analysis, clinical trials analysis and much more.


Tony Agresta

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