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Dashboard Design and Development

by Alexander 'Sandy' Chiang, Research Director, Dashboard InsightFriday, June 3, 2011

This month, Dashboard Insight gets back to its roots - resources on dashboard design and development.

Dashboard Insight will be asking dashboard practitioners to present real world dashboard design challenges and how they address them. In addition, there are many good articles currently on the site that will be revisited.

June promises a lot of great pieces for those looking for tips and tricks in developing and designing dashboards!

Best Practices for a Robust Dashboard Design

Designing the layout for a dashboard is half art and half science. No matter the type of dashboard, there will always be a battle between form and function. While there is no standards committee that has formally endorsed a list of best practices for designing dashboards, there are certain rules that designers should heed.

by: William Laurent

Dashboard Design: Visualizing Multiple Trends on a Chart

There is an interesting design challenge that pops up when you need to compare a large number of trends on the same scale. While a line chart is a great way to visually compare trends on a common axis, too many trends on a single chart can result in an unreadable mess.

by: Alexander 'Sandy' Chiang

How to Design Effective Dashboard Displays

This article examines how to design the "look and feel" of a performance dashboard so that it is easy to use and visually appealing. The visual interface - what users can see and do on the screens - can determine whether a performance dashboard succeeds or fails.

by: Wayne Eckerson

Selecting the Right Charts and Indicators for Visually Impactful Dashboards (Part 1)

In this series of Dashboard Insight articles we’ll look at some popular chart types and describe how to use them most effectively in your dashboards, as well as pitfalls to avoid. In Part 1 of 4, we’ll discuss effective dashboard indicators.

by: Frank Smietana

Effective Dashboard Design

This article shares real-world experiences in designing effective dashboards that deliver on the promise of targeted, accessible, and actionable information. Examples from both the author’s work and contributions of other thought-leaders in this space will be presented in the article to illustrate how practical dashboard design techniques can transform the user adoption rates for a dashboard.

by: Aaron Hursman

Dashboard Insight will be adding more dashboard design and development articles all month.

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