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Dashboards Most Critical in Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 4th Annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study, by Dresner Advisory, is out and dashboards are number one when it comes to being critical / very important to BI initiatives. Below Information Management discusses the study and its findings further.

Working under the weight of sluggish adoption rates, business intelligence is gravitating toward more users and access through a mixed bag of new and old solutions, according to the latest annual BI survey from Dresner Advisory Services.

The “2013 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study” assessed questions of 1,182 respondents across industry verticals and covering fellow researchers, enterprise IT leaders, business executives, BICC heads and vendors’ customer communities. Fifty-nine percent of respondents in 2013 came from North America, and 25 percent stemmed from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with the rest originating in the Asia/Pacific region or Latin America.

Penetration rates for BI are about flat from last year, according to the survey and Howard Dresner, the chief research officer at the research and advisory firm. Approximately one-third of businesses reported that BI solutions were in use by less than 10 percent of employees, according to the survey. And approximately half of those surveyed for that same question reported that BI use dipped even lower. Conversely, another 18 percent of respondents stated that BI solutions were in regular use across four-fifths or more of their organization. Success rates, too, are stagnant from last year’s survey: approximately 40 percent “completely agree” their BI implementation has been a success, with about that same amount who “somewhat agree” on its success.

Dresner says penetration levels are no doubt subject to ongoing business pains ranging from business cultural bureaucracy and IT spending limits, to expanding governance and compliance. However, Dresner says that, even flat, penetration levels are encouraging compared with developing BI maturity and the scope of users from the top level executives on down. In addition, there are vast plans to expand the reach of BI: Over the next 36 months, more than 70 percent businesses surveyed intend to increase the number of users and access to BI by 41 percent from their current ranks, according to the survey.

“We are expanding access to BI solutions within the organization, so more folks have access. But I think we’re also expanding outside of the organization: contractors, customers, suppliers, the public at large,” he says. “In general, the envelope is increasing as it’s growing within the organization, and none of it as quickly as anyone thought.”

The tools and trends that businesses are opting for have proven to be a mixed bag of hot tech solutions and sometimes maligned standbys. Dashboards were the leading BI initiative from those surveyed, more than 80 percent of which labeled BI dashboards as “critical” or “very important.” Other leading BI plans were end-user self-service (70 percent labeled it as “critical” or “very important”) and advanced visualization (60 percent under the same two choices).

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Source: Information Management.

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