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Dashboards and B.I. in the Retail World

by Steve BogdonFriday, November 27, 2009

In December, Dashboard Insight's theme will be "dashboards & BI in the retail world" - a fitting topic for the season.  We look forward to a variety of interesting and wide-ranging articles on the subject.

December is by far the year's biggest month for retail revenue, starting with a rush to the mall after late November's U.S. Thanksgiving and numerous trips continuing during the next few weeks.  With so much stuff piling on and flying off the shelves, retailers need to understand their data more than ever during this critical period.  Now is the time to analyze aisle occupancy, display conversion rates, store traffic, sales per employee and much more.

Throughout the month, we plan to examine large data volumes and the need for a constant view of transactions and their supply chains.  Customer behavior will also be looked at, plus we'll also give a listen to one or two of the main players in retail analytics to hear what they have to say about the time of year.  It's a busy month!

So join us in December as we explore these issues (and more) in greater detail.


Complex Retail Business Intelligence: Coming Soon To The iPhone?

As it gains in acceptance and sophistication, Apple’s iPhone has become positioned to be a future force (albeit a small one for now) in mobile business intelligence. The critical mass of iPhone users looks to be assured for the foreseeable future. And at the same time, increasing numbers of third-party application developers the world over are focusing on creating new killer applications for this popular mobile apparatus as they simultaneously port their existing applications to the iPhone OS platform.

by: William Laurent, William Laurent, Inc.

The Ins And Outs Of BI For Retail: Part 1

The need for organizations to look at business intelligence seriously and to consider its use as part of the overall strategy for success is obvious in today’s market. With continued uncertainties, organizations cannot overlook the ability to attain a broader view of their company’s performance and to identify potential issues more proactively. When looking at BI adoption specifically, banking, insurance and manufacturing are some industries that have been quick to adopt BI principles.

by: Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalytics

FusionCharts Retail Dashboard

The dashboard visualizes a retail chain which deals in a wide variety of merchandise. You can see all facets of the retail chain right from the sales summary to the product planning in this dashboard.

by: Sanket Nadhani, FusionCharts

InetSoft Retail Dashboard

This free, interactive dashboard was originally designed for shoppers seeking Black Friday deals. It allows you to specify retailers of interest and quickly browse their specials. Additionally, if there is an item or category of specific interest, you can quickly filter across all retailers for those offering that targeted product. Sort by price and in a few seconds, the best deal is found. If you compare it to poring over dozens of newspaper circulars or clicking through all those pages at places like bfads.net, this visual analysis tool will save you a great deal of time and effort.

by: Mark Flaherty, InetSoft

The Ins And Outs Of BI For Retail: Part 2

Part 1 of this article looked at the difference between online and in-store analytics and the benefits and applications associated with retailers and their adoption of business intelligence. Part 2 focuses on ecommerce and e-tailers and their use of analytics to drive business performance and gain better visibility into their customers.

by: Lyndsay Wise, WiseAnalytics

Role-Based Dashboards in Retail

Retail business executives want dashboards to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time so they can make optimal business decisions. Therefore ARC Dashboards acknowledge that different people responsible for different roles and activities in a retail organization need to look at information in different ways at different times. Yet, all the different perspectives and points of view must align with one another and ultimately with a company’s strategic objectives and targets.

by: Ajith Nayar, Manthan Systems

One-on-One with Vikas Gupta - Chief Technology Officer, Manthan Systems

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with Vikas Gupta about BI technology for retail applications, the benefits of an ARC deployment - and something about a retailer's "business cosmos."

by: Karly Gaffney, Dashboard Insight

One-on-One with Alexei Agratchev - Founder and CEO of BVI Networks

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with Alexei Agratchev about retail metrics, product customization and the use of video data in modern BI applications.

by: Karly Gaffney, Dashboard Insight

Black Friday Sales Dashboard

OInetsoft is a BI software company, but we're consumers, too! So when one of our developers was doing his shopping planning for Black Friday and came across a spreadsheet with all the info already organized, in a matter of minutes using our software, he built an interactive dashboard that lets you sort and filter by retailer or product or price. Pretty neat. So we put it up on our site recently, and mentioned it at a few shopping sites, and already we're seeing a lot of use…

by: Mark Flarherty, InetSoft

How The Cloud Can Tell Retailers What Will Sell

Meager consumer spending combined with falling stock prices has led to contraction in the retail industry, with more than 675,000 jobs shed over the last year in the US alone.

But whichever way the market goes next, the retail industry cannot afford to conduct business based solely on economic forecasts.  Instead, companies must modernize and invest in the tools that allow a business to run more efficiently through intelligent inventory distribution, a heightened awareness of customer needs and seamless collaboration with supply partners.

by: Quentin Gallivan, Pivotlink

Dashboard Insight will be adding "Dashboards and B.I. in the Retail World" articles all month.

Please check back often.


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