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DataMentors® offers businesses an original Internet-based Real-Time Transactional Data Cleansing and Matching Service

by Michelle Chiodo, Data MentorsMonday, March 31, 2008

Leading Data Quality and Data Integration Service Provider Offers Businesses an Original Internet-based Real-Time Transactional Data Cleansing and Matching Service

TAMPA, Fla. - March 30, 2008- DataMentors®, the industry-leading full-service data quality and management solutions company, announced today that it has launched NetEffect™, a unique Internet-based real-time Transactional Cleansing and Matching (TCM) solution.  

Prior to the introduction of NetEffect, data cleansing and matching were predominately batch-based, requiring an extensive processing time before results were made available to the end-user.  With NetEffect, using either an Internet browser or installed thin-client, individual records are cleansed, matched and results delivered back to the end-user in "real-time."  With NetEffect's sophisticated pattern-based matching methodologies,even extremely corrupt records, which include: misspelled names, addresses, email addresses or phone numbers, can be matched with extreme accuracy. This functionality is well aligned with the needs of industries requiring immediate and highly detailed security or marketing profiles and is customizable to meet specific customer needs.  Companies can immediately identify a potential security risk or marketing opportunity and be able to react to it instantly.  

NetEffect uses recognized Internet-based protocols and can be used with both secure (SSL) and un-secured access methods. Virtually an unlimited number of end-users can potentially leverage the service simultaneously since its user access limitations are based solely on the size of the database's access gateway.  NetEffect has no bandwidth limitations; businesses with 56K up to OC-192 connections can use the service with equally impressive performance results. 

DataMentors President Robert Orf said, "This [NetEffect] is a paradigm shift to the way businesses cleanse, match and update data. NetEffect is ideally suited for companies of, literally, all sizes because of its 'real-time' single record processing functionality along with its extremely cost-effective pricing. With our new service, businesses, in the blink of an eye, can now accurately recognize unique individuals using just a name and address."


About DataMentors 

DataMentors is a provider of database preparation and maintenance marketing solutions featuring, DataFuse, ValiData, PinPoint , NetEffect and Professional Services.  These services are used individually or as an integrated end-to-end turnkey database solution for a clean, highly granular and accurate 360-degree view of the customer through data validation, transformation, standardization and householding.  Offered as either a customer-premise installation or ASP delivered solution DataMentors leverages proprietary data discovery, reporting and analysis, campaign management, data mining and modeling practices, identifying insightful customer sales and marketing directions.  

For more information visit us on the web: www.datamentors.com or Contact: Gordon Daly, Director of Marketing, +1.813.960.7800 x107 


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DataMentors, DataFuse, ValiData, PinPoint and NetEffect are registered trademarks of DataMentors.



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