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Dundas Unveils Salesforce Connector For Its Dashboard Platform

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dundas Data Visualization, Inc. has officially launched a Salesforce data connector for their flagship product, Dundas Dashboard.

Salesforce data has traditionally been locked up within the Salesforce environment. The dashboards that Salesforce provides are often not visualizing the information that their client’s deem relevant, or allowing them to access other data they want to see. In addition to this limitation, you also don't have the ability to see information from other systems/databases within the Salesforce dashboard. Enter, Dundas.

Dundas has taken advantage of this “locked” up data by creating a campaign around their idea of “jailbreaking” your Salesforce data out of its silo.

Aside from the visual appeal and heavy customization that the platform provides to developers, Dundas Dashboard also offers stunning mobile capabilities with their mobile viewer, Dundas Mobile. Launched October 2012, this mobile viewer allows users some ad hoc ability to select what information they want to have on their home screen – customizing their KPIs on the fly and off of their device. In short, being able to do this with Salesforce data is dream for anyone who wants to access their information on the go.

Both the connector and Dundas Mobile are definitely worth checking out!

Information on Mobile BI as well as Dundas Mobile can be viewed in the video below

You can follow Dundas on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or subscribe to their YouTube channel

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