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How to Create an Outstanding Executive Dashboard That Works
by Matillion Ltd

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, December 10, 2013

Often users of a business intelligence system can gain access to a tool that will take their business to another level. This tool is called an executive dashboard and when designed and used correctly they can use the insights to improve the bottom line of their company.

We’re all fighting to get the best insights available. Without the functionality of a self service BI tool it can be difficult for a typical business user to get the data they need and instead of trying… they give up. Data is in different places, reporting is confined to the IT and finance teams and the person who needs the information does not have the time to chase something he’ll have to wait over a week for.

So what is the answer to this more than common issue?

An Executive Dashboard.

Developed by a more experienced report writer, an executive dashboard can give business users up to date answers at a lightning pace covering issues they face regularly removing the need to request information or reports.

It will collate information from several areas of a business such as ERPs, accounting packages, CRMs and even Excel documents. The executive dashboard will then display a number of different items in one screen to make it as useful as possible.

There are possible failures that can occur. Have you ever been stumbling across an executive dashboard after dashboard and none of the information presented is useful in anyway?

For an executive dashboard to work, they must be built and developed alongside the end user or at least with them in mind. This is so the metrics displayed can provide value to the person using it, allowing them to find actionable insights and encourage better decision making. Therefore every business should have a number of different dashboards tailored to several groups of information users.

This whole process can easily be done in a variety of tools. Cloud BI for example allows business users to create their own executive dashboard easily and quickly so most of the pain is taken away when either attempting to source data from a number of areas or requesting a much needed report from a different department.

Another additional benefit of an executive dashboard is the added ability to bring insight, analysis and action together, allowing users to drill down into the data on their screen and find the answer to what they need in a few clicks.

All in all, an executive dashboard, when created with the view to be successfully adopted with the business users across a company, then it can provide a company the tool needed to gain a competitive advantage and positively affect bottom line.

To find out more about how an executive dashboard could benefit your business, register for our free webinar below.

About Matillion

Matillion deliver cloud business intelligence solutions that are powerful but easy to use. Solutions that are low cost, low risk and fast to implement.

Their goal is to make the power of Enterprise Business Intelligence, which corporate companies have used for years, pervasive in medium sized business – helping unlock profitability.

Based in Cheshire, UK, their team of development experts, business analysts, management accountants and support staff design and deliver Matillion BI.

Follow them on Twitter - @matillion

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