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InetSoft Enhances Its Visualization Capabilities

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsMonday, December 15, 2008

Piscataway, NJ - December 15, 2008 - Today InetSoft Technology announced the launch of its new release Style Intelligence 10.0. InetSoft is an operational business intelligence solution provider based on data visualization. This major release features several additions to their visualization capabilities. These include:

  • charts and graphs that are more information-rich to enable going from the standard two-dimension to four or more using coloring, sizing and stacked X/Y options
  • the ability to turn a 3-D bubble chart into a 4-D or 5-D chart
  • brushing techniques where the selection of data points in one chart highlights related data points in accompanying charts
  • trellis graphs, visual crosstabs, etc


User Advantages

With InetSoft’s new release, enhancements to both business users and IT or analyst user experiences were taken into account.  For business users, the new visualizations enable more interactivity.  For example, a sales manager looking at her pipeline who also wants to identify the key opportunities on which to focus her assistance can, in a single chart see all open deals plotted by win probability on one axis and projected close date on the other. For third and fourth dimensions, the data points representing each deal can be sized by dollar amount and color-coded by account executive. In addition, drop-down lists and selection lists let users add other variables to the equation and reorganize data without having to create new visualizations.  For business analysts or IT departments who support enterprise reporting and business intelligence functions, the new development environment uses a drag and drop interface increasing ease of use and faster development of visualizations.

“While these visualization capabilities are not novel in business intelligence software, InetSoft’s approach to delivering them is,” states Mark Flaherty, Vice President of Marketing at InetSoft. “Others have pointed to visualization as the necessary catalyst to expand business intelligence to the masses, but we have realized that it’s a two-step process. First, you need to empower the business or data analyst with easy-to-use tools and let them think through what kind of interactive dashboard the business users will gain insight from. And these analytical dashboards need to be designed well enough that they can almost be self-explanatory in how to use. Then, once the analyst shares these interactive dashboards with the business users, they can begin using them with little or no training because of their easy point and click interfaces which rely on easy to understand drop-down and selection lists.”

General Implications

In general, most BI and data visualization vendors are moving towards easy to use development environments (such as drag and drop) and a focus on designing a powerful end user experience.  Add to this the ability to choose deployment method (on-premise versus on-demand) and with quick implementation times (between 1 and 2 months), and InetSoft becomes a viable choice for data visualization deployments.  One of the most important things for organizations to consider is the flexibility of a given solution.  Whether this flexibility includes deployment, development, or maintenance, the ability to move quickly between analysis and design so that end users see the benefits of a solution quickly without the need for intense training becomes more important and business intelligence solutions expand their offerings and become more robust.  InetSoft seems to understand this need with their new release.

For an online demo and free evaluation software, please visit www.inetsoft.com.

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