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Informatica’s plans to acquire Identity Systems

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsThursday, April 24, 2008

Informatica announced its intention to acquire Identity Systems (subsidiary of Nokia) on April 17, 2008. The deal that is supposed to be finalized at the end of May will bring together Informatica’s data integration products with Identity Systems’ Identity Resolution technology.  Identity resolution enables organizations to search and match identity based data across multiple information sources regardless of structure, language, format, etc. providing organizations with the missing link within their CRM, CDI, and MDM solutions. 

Informatica’s overall goal is to provide its customers with enhanced and cross language searching and matching capabilities providing a more complete product offering to their customers.  With Identity Systems poised as the industry leader in identity resolution and with its penetration within CDI and MDM, Informatica will be able to expand its data quality offerings to include master data management and data governance. Aside from the intention to keep offerings separate, there will be a push to integrate Identity Systems’ fuzzy search logic and matching and linking abilities into Informatica’s already robust data integration solutions.

In addition to new and enhanced functionality, through this acquisition, Informatica will be able to take advantage of the over 500 current customers, OEM agreements, and various partnerships that Identity Systems already has, expanding its already large network of customers and partners. As Identity Systems is the generally agreed upon standard in linking and matching technology, its bandwidth goes beyond its customer base towards being the main vendor considered within the space of linking and matching to aid organizations in achieving a full MDM solution. 

Strategically, whether Informatica will expand its offerings to penetrate the MDM market remains to be seen.  However, with general acquisitions within the business intelligence space creating an approach where each mega vendor is poised to offer varied and broader offerings to encompass all of the information based needs of the organization, the data integration world may be no different.  With Informatica’s acquisition, it can easily expand into the world of master data management or fraud prevention to offer customers an all or nothing approach to data integration.  Alternatively, Informatica can leverage Identity Systems’ unique niche in the market to expand its customer base and to complement other MDM solution providers’ offerings available. 

Because of Informatica’s data integration capabilities, new features and functionality will only be advantageous in extending its future offerings, whether within data quality or for broader data integration requirements.

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