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Information Builders and CEO receive well deserved recognition

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsWednesday, May 28, 2008

Information Builders, along with its CEO Gerry Cohen, were named as finalists in the 2008 American Business Awards in the categories of Best Customer Support Organization and Best Executive for Computer Services respectively. In addition, Information Builders was also named one of the Hottest Companies within START-IT Magazine. This award honors software and technology providers that target the manufacturing industry and have developed innovative applications or products. Judgment criteria include revenue growth, client wins and accomplishments during the year.

Both these awards illustrate Information Builders’ commitment towards providing strong levels of service along with their solution offerings.  In general, business intelligence solution providers have been changing focus to highlight their commitment to strong levels of customer support and the services they provide.  As features and functionality become less of a point of uniqueness for organizations considering new solutions, the way to distinguish one software provider from another is through the value placed on the customer.  Unfortunately, for many organizations there is a gap between their stated commitment towards customer satisfaction and actual customer satisfaction.

Many organizations stress the value they place on customer experience programs, but few are acknowledged in the industry.  Within BI, offering enhanced customer service also involves the development of interoperable upgrades, user-friendly applications, and easy access to data.  This increases the difficulty in achieving actual customer satisfaction because more is attached to the product in addition to services offered.

For organizations such as Information Builders, the acknowledgement of their success in this area shows that they have found the link between customer experience and actual software offerings.


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