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Jaspersoft new release focuses on SaaS enabled platform

by Lyndsay WiseWednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st marks Jaspersofts v3.5 release with several enhancements that are focused mainly in three areas. These are the development of a SaaS enabled BI platform, in-memory analysis, and increased user and data scalability. These enhancements expand overall Jaspersoft functionality and address key trends in the market, specifically when looking at the proliferation of software as a service offerings and the expansion of organizations that are adopting solutions whereby they are delivered as a service. 

SaaS enabled BI platform

Jaspersoft v3.5 enables the delivery of customizable SaaS and Cloud-based BI applications.  This means that customers with OEM and ISV agreements can integrate SaaS functionality within their own solutions.  According to Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft, “Jaspersoft finds itself at the intersection of the SaaS world and enterprise workers who are using cloud computing and the on-demand SaaS delivery model for their most cost-effective and widely-used applications. With so many SaaS and OEM customers already embedding our professional edition products, we have deep knowledge of the specific technical criteria needed to develop the industry’s first SaaS-enabled BI platform.”

The ability to embed a SaaS platform for BI within another platform improves upon current models that use one SaaS solution over another – for example with customers who use operational solutions and analytics solutions to create a complete SaaS environment.  These types of customers can now have one environment that is fully integrated as opposed to using several to achieve the same goal.

In-memory analysis

Jaspersoft v3.5 delivers in-memory analysis capabilities that enables integrated analysis capabilities which translates into reports and dashboards that can be used with or without a traditional data warehouse. The new release includes management tools for scalability and resource allocation that allow customers to optimize where analysis takes place - either by in-memory or within a DBMS. For organizations without strong IT infrastructures, the ability to access open source technology and conduct analyses without requiring a data warehouse or OLAP environment, means that these organizations can get the most out of BI without having to find resources they might otherwise not have.

Increased scalability

To improve scalability, Jaspersoft conducted extensive tests increase performance to help support larger numbers of users, organizations, and query results.  In addition, enhancements to the user interface and new faceted search availability create more ease of use for end users.

Overall, open source solutions have an added benefit over their non-open source counterparts due to the constant interaction with their communities.  Because developers provide input into solutions and help develop modules, the ability to develop solutions that offer increased value to customers more quickly is a general reality.

About the Author

Lyndsay Wise is an industry analyst for business intelligence. For over seven years, she has assisted clients in business systems analysis, software selection and implementation of enterprise applications. Lyndsay is the channel expert for BI for the Mid-Market at B-eye-Network and conducts research of leading technologies, products and vendors in business intelligence, marketing performance management, master data management, and unstructured data. She can be reached at lwise@wiseanalytics.com. And please visit Lyndsay's blog at myblog.wiseanalytics.com.

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