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Kalido and QlikTech to Offer Business Intelligence and Information Management

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsMonday, June 30, 2008

Kalido and QlikTech announced their partnership to produce a product focused on business intelligence and information management. This partnership is one more in a series of business intelligence vendors partnering with best-of-breed data warehousing appliance vendors to offer more powerful business intelligence solutions to management initiatives gaining priority in organizations, the ability to engage the advantages of quicker processing speeds and more space with front end data visualization and analytics expands the business benefits to organizations.

The new product is scheduled for release in September and combines analysis with an information engine to provide data visualization (QlikTech) as a front end to data management (Kalido). Although many partnerships have been formed, most are focused on increasing the speed and benefits of analytics. By creating a focus on information management, organizations can actually extend their benefits beyond business intelligence.  BI and information management are becoming synonymous with data quality and data governance initiatives. Consequently, the creation of common data definitions, the ability to tie a single view of customer or other entity-based data to increased productivity, and the connection between information and corporate strategy is creating the need to manage data more completely.

Data warehousing enables organizations to do more than simply collect and report on data.  Some organizations are moving away from using a hub for their master data management solutions towards using a data warehouse to manage their data. With this option the potential still exists to create a single reference point for information such as customer, product, or supplier. In addition, organizations are able to take this information and consolidate the analytics capabilities to increase decision-making ability. With QlikTech providing a strong front end to the organization’s information infrastructure, organizations will get one step closer to overall data management.


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