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Kelkoo Turns Data Into Actionable Intelligence With Kognotio WX2 Via DAAS

by Steve Friedberg, www.mmicommunications.netThursday, April 2, 2009

European Advertising and Price Comparison Platform Speeds Up Access to Business Data with Data warehousing as a Service

BRACKNELL, UNITED KINGDOM, April 2, 2009 — Kognitio®, a leading global provider of business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, has announced that the company has built and is managing a 1.5TB data warehouse for Kelkoo via Data Warehousing as a Service (DaaS™). Kognitio is complementing its DaaS service with ongoing consultancy in order to help Kelkoo maximize the use and exploitation of information within its business. Founded in 2000, Kelkoo is Europe's largest e-commerce website after Amazon and Ebay, and the largest e-commerce advertising and price comparison platform in Europe.

DaaS is helping Kelkoo to improve efficiencies within its organization, speed up access to business data and increase the visibility of key metrics to the organization. The service is also making the data more accessible to front-line business users, who can turn it into intelligence in order to make more strategic decisions and drive the company forward.

Kelkoo chose Kognitio’s DaaS because it offers the speed, scalability and flexibility of Kognitio’s WX2 analytical database without the burdens and costs associated with a traditional in-house deployment and management model. DaaS gives Kelkoo the ability to focus on getting insight and results rather than be distracted by managing the data warehousing capability themselves.

“We wanted to connect our various legacy data sources together and give our business teams direct access to that data,” said Lyndon Hearn, Director of Business Intelligence at Kelkoo. “However, we did not want to get distracted from our business goals by implementing the infrastructure ourselves. Kognitio’s DaaS offering was the perfect solution; by outsourcing the data warehouse, we are not tied up with infrastructure management and platform development, and can focus on using the insight the service gives us to make our business more efficient and formulate strategies for the future. Furthermore, Kognitio has proven to be responsive and flexible, helping us to get the most of the service. We value the partnership with Kognitio immensely.”

Kognitio’s DaaS is benefiting the Kelkoo organization in all 10 European markets where the company has a presence. It pushes the power to query corporate data down to the business and provides web-based reports to standard users, desktop analysis to power users, and direct access to the database to high-level analysts via a BI front-end application that queries the WX2 database directly.

“We are thrilled that Kelkoo has acknowledged the power and advantage of our WX2-based DaaS offering and chosen to work with Kognitio,” said Roger Llewellyn, CEO at Kognitio. “More and more organizations are turning to DaaS as the preferred delivery model for data warehousing due to the low cost and fast time to results that the service provides. They realize that they no longer need to incur all the costs traditionally related to the purchase, maintenance and upgrade of a data warehousing infrastructure. I am confident that it will take over as the delivery method of choice for data analytics.”

In the longer term, Kelkoo plans to use Kognitio’s DaaS to incorporate other sources of its data to enhance its internal business management through standard measures and visibility.

About Kognitio

Kognitio provides leading-edge solutions to business problems that require the acquisition, rationalization and analysis of large or complex data. Kognitio develops Kognitio WX2, a fast, scalable analytical database that gives firms the ability to turn their raw data into valuable insight and get comprehensive answers to critical business questions fast.

Globally headquartered in Bracknell, UK, with North American headquarters in Chicago, Kognitio delivers competitive advantage to its clients across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, retail, financial services, bioinformatics, media and utilities. More information is available from the company’s website at www.kognitio.com

About Kelkoo

Kelkoo.com was founded in 2000, following mergers with Zoomit, Dondecomprar and Shopgenie. Within two years of launching, Kelkoo became Europe's largest e-commerce website after Amazon and Ebay and the largest e-commerce advertising platform both in the UK and Europe. According to Hitwise, the leading online competitive intelligence service, Kelkoo is the UK's favorite shopping comparison site. Kelkoo now operates in ten European countries and Kelkoo is a one-stop shopping service, which helps shoppers to find, research, and buy products online with confidence. Kelkoo is operational in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. More information is available from the company’s website at www.kelkoo.com

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