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Knoa Software announces Knoa Experience and Performance Manager (EPM) Version 5.0

by Lyndsay WiseWednesday, March 5, 2008
On March 4th, 2008 Knoa Software announced Knoa Experience and Performance Manager (EPM) Version 5.0, their newest release of their suite of Experience Management solutions for enterprise applications.  Although not a traditional business intelligence (BI) or business performance management (BPM) vendor, Knoa’s products monitor end user activity with enterprise applications and product metrics that are used by IT to improve how the application performs for the end users, and also by the application owners to improve user performance when using the application.

This technology allows organizations to analyze actual end user experiences and enables IT to identify how end users interact with the applications they are using - basically bringing BI and BPM to the IT environment.  What this means for businesses in general is that system use can be monitored, enabling the organization to analyze the effectiveness of the current information infrastructure. According to Thad Eidman, CEO of Knoa Software, "the priorities for our 5.0 release were driven by the needs of our customers, including six of the Fortune 50, who are experiencing a dramatic increase in the need for visibility at the end-user level to support a diversity of management objectives, ranging from IT's standing mandate to provide available and responsive applications, to the growing need to manage end-user application usage, to the CFO's requirement to ensure compliant process execution."

In addition to measuring the actual effectiveness of the end user’s experience, Knoa also provides metrics that identify performance of the application and deliver visibility into the performance of end users and how they interact with their environment.  Also, organizations can use Version 5.0 for compliance monitoring, security, and the identification of root cause analysis as well as many other features, including a reporting layer to deliver user friendly access to the data collected.

The ability to monitor and measure the effectiveness of software applications does not follow the traditional usage of monitoring and metrics identification.  However, the importance of identifying how end users are accessing resources and collaborating with one another becomes more important as organizations look for ways to cut costs and increase profits.  By analyzing how end users interact with the internal IT infrastructure, organizations can identify gaps, unused or underutilized applications, and ensure that required processes for compliance are being followed.   

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