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Kognitio Launches Global Vertical Solution Provider Program
Kognitio Recruits Solution Providers in Key Vertical Markets, Establishes Channel Community

by Steve Friedberg, www.mmicommunications.netMonday, May 12, 2008

CHICAGO, May 12, 2008 — Kognitio®, a leading global provider of business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing solutions, today announced the formation of its Vertical Solution Provider (VSP) program. The program is designed to work with service and solution providers and system integrators in key vertical markets, such as healthcare, retail, telecommunications, leisure, insurance and financial services to allow companies of all sizes to benefit from the power of its WX2™ relational database management system.

The announcement was made at The Data Warehousing Institute’s World Conference, opening today in Chicago, where Kognitio is an exhibiting vendor. 

Kognitio’s VSP program is a key addition to the company’s existing go-to-market strategy, implemented in line with its previously-announced international growth plans, and is being initially implemented in North America and the United Kingdom with the goal of rolling it out worldwide.  Offered through Kognitio’s VSPs, WX2 helps end-users gain unprecedented analytical access to, and insight from, massive amounts of data, thus allowing them to remain ahead of their competitors. More than twenty years of development has resulted in the industry’s fastest, most scalable and highest performing analytical database platform for data warehousing.

Service providers and system integrators who join Kognitio’s VSP program will benefit from ongoing training and marketing support, as well as significant margins that will make it more profitable for them to recommend WX2 (a software-only database) to their clients than selling costly proprietary hardware-based appliances that may require constant hardware and software updates. Furthermore, WX2 enables VSPs to develop additional business revenue from new medium- and enterprise-level organizations as well as existing clients, along with recurring maintenance revenues.

“Healthcare organizations find that they are increasingly drowning in a sea of claims and clinical data, with little information being extracted from it.  As a result, Kognitio’s WX2 represents a huge opportunity for both us and our customers,” said Ron Kubit, president of Intuitive Technical Solutions, a Colorado-based consultancy dedicated to providing innovative and appropriate solutions to the healthcare industry.  “For the first time, health insurers and caregivers will be able to do real-time cost and benefit analytics, procedure and capacity planning, drug interaction mining and proactive care management from a financial and results perspective, improving health benefits to patients while saving more than half of their previously projected costs,” he said.

"Increasingly, we find that our clients want results without having to build a significant infrastructure,” said Albert Hughes, president of Axis Group, a business intelligence consulting group based in New Jersey.  “Kognitio’s WX2 represents a new approach to helping deliver the time-sensitive analytics and insights that allow them to achieve that goal.”

“It is exciting to be able to offer our prospects and clients the benefits of WX2 via our VSP community,” said Roger Llewellyn, Kognitio’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Expanding our reach through a global VSP program will change how companies of all sizes can access and utilize the benefits of our WX2 solution.  As such, we will enable more firms than ever before to gain the knowledge that has largely, until now, been restricted to far larger organizations.” 

About Kognitio
Kognitio (www.kognitio.com) is an innovative, technology-rich company, providing leading-edge solutions to business problems that require the acquisition, rationalization and analysis of large or complex data.  Kognitio's WX2 is the industry’s fastest and most scalable analytical database on the market, giving firms the ability to turn their raw data into valuable business insight fast, and empowering its customers to realize comprehensive answers to critical business questions.

Globally headquartered in Bracknell, UK, with North American headquarters in Chicago, Kognitio delivers competitive advantage to its clients across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services and utilities.  More information is available from the company’s website or by phone at 773.908.6357.


John K. Thompson

Steve Friedberg
MMI Communications

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