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Lyzasoft Releases Data Analysis Solution

by Lyndsay WiseMonday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008 marks the release of Lyza™, a desktop analytics solution by Lyzasoft, Inc.  The product is aimed at business and technical analysts across the organization that need to solve problems and perform analyses by using data discovery techniques on a regular basis. By providing an analytics solution that mimics the way business analysts solve problems, Lyzasoft feels that its product has found its niche within the market. One of the product goals is to provide an easy way for end users to move through the process of accessing data, transforming that data into valuable information, and sharing results.  Consequently, end users do not need to have technical knowledge in terms of knowing SQL or other query languages.  The product uses a drag and drop environment and users can retrace their steps to access additional data during the process of analysis.


Lyza provides the following to help analysts do their jobs effectively:

  • A step by step method that follows the way end users think and work through problems
  • An analytical toolkit that provides enterprise scale, performance, and autonomy
  • A single end to end solution so that end users do not have to change modules or move through several applications to get the information they need

Lyza is priced at $899 per user per year.  This enables organizations to implement one or more instances at a price point that is less than many other comparable offerings.  One of the benefits of using this type of pricing model is that anyone in the organization can get approval to implement the solution without requiring a formal structure or external involvement.  In addition to a simple pricing structure, Lyza exists in a single version with updates being downloaded at startup.  This avoids end user hassles involved in upgrading product versions or waiting for enhancements, fixes, etc.  Also, version cohesion is created because all users access the same solution.  In terms of support, organizations never have to worry about whether their version will continue to be supported or paying for upgrades.  For Lyzasoft, maintaining one solution version gives the solution provider better control over the support process without having to worry about supporting multiple versions, thereby focusing on continued development and support for their customer base.

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