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Master Data Management and Business Intelligence combine to deliver data governance capabilities

by Lyndsay WiseMonday, April 14, 2008

Earlier this month, Siperian and MicroStrategy announced their OEM partnership to deliver Insight Manager, a solution enabling data governance by giving organizations the tools to monitor and manage the performance and quality of master data within Siperian’s MDM Hub. Using MicroStrategy’s Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards as front-end access to Siperian’s MDM Hub, the new offering allows organizations to perform ad-hoc analysis, report on, and monitor master data. Some metrics available to organizations include data steward workflow metrics, data cleansing metrics, and data quality metrics.

This convergence highlights a general trend within the BI industry of organizations applying embedded BI within their organizations to gain a better view of what is happening within the organization and in this case, an organization’s master data.  The use of BI on top of ERP or CRM solutions to gain added insights and up to date views of an organization’s performance is now being transferred to the world of MDM. Instead of having to access a data warehouse to report on data, MicroStrategy 8 points directly to the data stored in the MDM hub.  The correct view of the customer, product, etc. is being directly accessed and the ability to highlight data quality issues as they occur becomes apparent.  This next wave of BI application use highlights the fact that the use of dashboards is changing, not only the way organizations access and look at information, but the way in which general BI use is shifting. 

Gone are the days of accessing static information.  The ability of Insight Manager to access real-time data that may be updated every minute shows the importance of having an updated view of data about what is going on in the organization.  This enables customer contact points to have the information required to make informed decisions about accounts, products, etc.

Data governance is widely discussed, but applying it within the organization becomes more difficult. Organizations seem to be hard pressed to organize and manage the data required, to give the proper tools to data stewards and to develop the processes that enable effective data governance practices.  With Insight Manager, data stewards and analysts have access to the organization’s master data and not only have access to the actual data and how it is being maintained but also to the way MDM is being managed within the organization.

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