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Moneynoodle, Teksouth Align as Strategic Partners to Provide Data Analytics
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by Steve Friedberg, www.mmicommunications.netTuesday, September 23, 2008

BIRMINGHAM, AL, October 1, 2008 — Tampa-based moneynoodle™, an independent Web 2.0 company focused on building bridges between financial institutions and their customers to help repair the damage of the current economic crisis, and Teksouth Corporation, a veteran systems integrator providing data management and business intelligence systems, today announced they have entered into a strategic relationship, merging Teksouth’s expertise in data analytics with moneynoodle’s mission of helping money make sense.

In the initial phase of the partnership, moneynoodle said Teksouth will design and implement a business intelligence/data warehousing system for its website, and will develop forthcoming standalone applications aimed at helping consumers make sense of their money in innovative and entertaining ways. These applications will be distributed at no charge to users of social networks across the Internet, potentially reaching millions of people.

One of moneynoodle’s principles, Peter Lewis, said the company chose to align with Teksouth because of its proven experience in data analytics in both financial services and government.  He also said Teksouth has demonstrated its ability to develop data analytics systems that allow emerging firms like moneynoodle to quickly study large quantities of data, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of consumer behaviors.

Teksouth’s services will help moneynoodle provide a fully immersive experience with unique new tools to help consumers better manage their money, without the need for a Ph.D. in economics. Integrating with moneynoodle’s custom-designed front-end web interface, Teksouth and moneynoodle will provide a full range of fun and engaging tools that will assist consumers in their financial journey through life, enhancing their financial literacy at the same time.

“Teksouth has demonstrated to us that its experts can dynamically develop systems that enable us to analyze large quantities of data. This key capability will enable us to harness data regarding how consumers make financial choices in our pursuit of repairing the relationship between our troubled financial institutions and their customers,” said Lewis, a former broadcast journalist for the BBC and more recently, a senior executive with J.P. Morgan.  “Our goal is nothing short of having a significant impact on the way consumers perceive their personal finances as well as on how banks perceive and serve their customers.  We know that Teksouth has the ability to help us leverage the technology necessary to achieve that mission.”

The moneynoodle project is the latest achievement for Teksouth, which has enjoyed significant success in the commercial and government sectors, helping firms gain greater insight from their data, while doing so in a cost- and time-effective manner.  Teksouth’s proven “fixed price” approach helps firms gain a greater handle on their implementation budgets for business intelligence projects, traditionally a “show stopper” for firms that want to gain the benefits from data warehousing, yet are worried about unstoppable costs and projects that spiral out of control.

“In these troubled economic times, the mission of moneynoodle could not be more relevant or critical, but it will have to utilize advanced technology in order to achieve its goal of changing the financial landscape through building bridges between consumers and their financial institutions ,” said Kenneth Craig, Teksouth’s vice president of business development.  “Increasingly, companies such as moneynoodle require advanced business analytics and business intelligence infrastructures as a way of attracting customers, and providing them with the information that helps them maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.   Our expertise allows us to design and implement those systems quickly and at a price far less than many other integration firms.  It’s this expertise that will allow us to play a key role in moneynoodle’s success, as it reaches out to consumers.”

About Teksouth

Teksouth Corporation is a twenty-five year old, privately held firm with headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, and strategically located program offices in the U.S. and around the world.  Its primary high technology services include data warehouse development, implementation, and support; standalone/web-based decision support systems tailored to customer requirements, and high speed, secure data transfer management. With a focus on delivering results in the commercial and government sectors, Teksouth has successfully developed and implemented a multi-terabyte-size data warehouse, supporting more than 15,000 users Air Force-wide, including the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force and all major USAF commands.

More information is available from the company’s website, or by phone at 800-842-1470.

About moneynoodle

moneynoodle™ is a unique, new approach designed to help people better manage their money.

The best way to describe what we are is to describe what we are not. We’re not a consumer marketing firm, we’re not trying to sell self-help modules, we’re not trying to get your personal info to sell to spammers, and although we are interested in your financial experiences, we won’t even ask your name.

Our unique moneynoodle Scorecard™ tool allows you to get a clear picture of your financial health, free of the biases of existing financial metrics. In addition, our blogs and articles offer an independent voice for consumers, without trying to sway opinion in one direction or another. Our goal is to provide consumers with clear information so that they can make better choices for themselves, free of the marketing messages and reactionary opinions of the punditry. As we grow, we intend to provide a fully immersive experience with unique new tools to help you better manage your money, without the need for a PhD in economics.

And with moneynoodle, you'll always know that you're in a safe, secure environment where you can have fun and enhance your financial literacy at the same time.

Ken Craig
Teksouth Corporation
Steve Friedberg
MMI Communications
Tony Panaccio


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