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Mozilla Deploys Vertica and Pentaho for Large-Scale Analytics
Business Intelligence Deployed for One of the World's Largest Open-Source Software Development Projects

by Maroushka Kanywani, Editor, Dashboard InsightMonday, July 28, 2008

ORLANDO, FL and ANDOVER, MA - July 28, 2008) - Pentaho, the commercial open source alternative for business intelligence (BI), and high-performance analytic database providers Vertica Systems, today announced that Mozilla Corporation deployed Pentaho Open BI Suite and Vertica Analytic Database to integrate and analyze large volumes of log file information in a data warehouse and business intelligence system.

Mozilla needed to integrate different log sources to better serve its growing user base. As Mozilla outgrew their homegrown log analysis scripts, the company was looking for a more scalable solution. To improve performance and simplify maintenance, Mozilla deployed Pentaho Data Integration for extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities and the grid-based, column-oriented Vertica Analytic Database for fast, complex data analysis across the enterprise. Pentaho Data Integration provides an easy to use ETL front end for administrators to define and maintain data integration jobs as well as a powerful metadata-driven integration engine capable of addressing large integration jobs. Using the Vertica database enables Mozilla to store more information and have more people query it faster and in more ways.

Pentaho Open BI Suite is a commercial open source project and has a thriving community of users and open source developers. Mozilla has interacted with this community, contributing improvements to the platform, and utilizing community-driven initiatives such as the Community Dashboard Framework and the Community Build Framework. This enabled Mozilla to quickly deploy a complex and dynamic BI solution with advanced features and a cutting edge user interface.

"Pentaho and Vertica offer a great mix of leading edge technologies and commercial support," said Justin Fitzhugh, senior director of engineering operations for Mozilla. "This provides a solid platform for Mozilla's business intelligence system."

Pentaho was selected for its open technology framework, solution breadth, integration with Vertica Analytic Database, and Pentaho's proven ability to scale to address large data and user volumes. The Vertica Analytic Database was chosen because its shared-nothing, column-oriented architecture enables companies to analyze many terabytes of data 50x-200x faster than other solutions, while running on low-cost, highly scalable "green grids" of industry-standard hardware. Using the Vertica Analytic Database gives more people the freedom to analyze more data in more ways, faster, so they can out-innovate the competition. Pentaho Open BI Suite and Vertica Analytic Database are deployed on a Hewlett-Packard DL460 BladeSystem running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Tomcat application server.

"Speed of complex data analysis and querying across a broad spectrum of business users is paramount to global enterprises such as Mozilla," said Vertica CEO Ralph Breslauer. "The speed and simplicity of the Vertica Analytic Database makes it the perfect fit for companies committed to increasing data-driven decision making at all levels of the business."

"There is no question that Pentaho is fast becoming the open source BI solution of choice for large-scale deployments," said Pentaho CEO Richard Daley. "Only Pentaho melds the flexibility and cost benefits of commercial open source BI with the scalability and breadth required to drive business decisions from these large volumes of valuable information."

About Vertica

Vertica Systems is the market innovator for high-performance analytic database management systems that run on industry-standard hardware. Co-founded by database pioneer Dr. Michael Stonebraker, Vertica has developed grid-based, column-oriented analytic database technology that lets companies of any size store and query very large databases orders of magnitude faster and more affordably than other solutions. The Vertica Analytic Database's unmatched speed, scalability, flexibility and ease of use helps customers like JP Morgan Chase, Verizon, Mozilla, Comcast, Level 3 Communications and Vonage capitalize on business opportunities in real time. Vertica is headquartered in Andover, Mass. For more information, visit the company's Web site at http://www.vertica.com.

About Pentaho Corporation

Pentaho Corporation is the commercial open source alternative for Business Intelligence (BI). Pentaho Open BI Suite provides comprehensive reporting, OLAP analysis, dashboards, data integration, data mining and a BI platform that have made it the world's leading and most widely deployed open source BI suite. Pentaho's commercial open source business model eliminates software license fees, providing support, services, and product enhancements via an annual subscription. In the years since Pentaho's inception as the pioneer in commercial open source BI, Pentaho's products have been downloaded more than three million times, with production deployments at companies ranging from small organizations to The Global 2000. For more information, visit www.pentaho.com.

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