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Netrics Delivers Web Services Functionality for Industry Leading Data Matching Platform

by Peter Traynor, Editor in Chief, Dashboard InsightFriday, February 29, 2008

Latest Version of the Netrics Data Matching Platform
Further Streamlines Integration and Synchronization of Business-Critical Data

PRINCETON, N.J. – Feb. 28, 2008 – Netrics, a technology innovator that makes imperfect data perfectly usable, today announced the availability of the Netrics Data Matching Platform™ Version 4.0.  The new release allows for matching of data across disparate sources via a web services interface based on the SOAP industry standard.  This allows companies of all sizes to benefit from better decision making and extends the reach of the Netrics solution to companies seeking to integrate data without the need for extensive investment in new IT resources. 

It is no secret that a large percentage of corporate data contains significant inaccuracies.  When applied to a data-reliant business environment, real-time data integration across applications is virtually impossible, as it requires labor-intensive coding to ensure proper linking of information across disparate databases – diverting resources and blocking revenue growth.  Moreover, such manual integration introduces inaccuracies, variations and inconsistencies into the data that creates problems rather than solving the most important one – increasing the bottom line.
The Netrics Data Matching Platform solves these challenges by introducing accurate, adaptive and scalable data matching using web services interfaces.  The Netrics platform's web services integration capabilities allow users to easily load records and connect IT applications without having to write additional code.  With the Netrics web services interface, users have a simple way to send requests and get information back quickly and easily.  The Netrics platform requires little-to-no customization, enabling the technology to be broadly deployed at a fraction of the cost of conventional technologies. 

"For businesses that rely on data quality and integration in order to drive revenue, data matching becomes vitally important when working across multiple applications," said Anne Marie Berger, managing partner, ForeFront, Inc.  "Integrating the Netrics Data Matching Platform into our solutions ensures that any variation in our customers' data becomes a non-issue.  The new web services functionality that has been built into Version 4.0 will provide yet another way for users to manage and synchronize their data efficiently and effectively – allowing data to become the business asset that it is meant to be, rather than a roadblock to profitability."

The latest release of the Netrics Data Matching Platform also includes the following key features:

        Web services capabilities (SOAP)
        Industry standard interfaces, including native .NET, Java, Python and C/C++
        Automatic, real-time data loading and synchronization
        Availability of Information Theory Scoring for an innovative mathematical way to score matches

"Our goal for the Netrics Data Matching Platform has always been to deliver best-of-breed data matching that eliminates the need for extensive IT efforts and exorbitant budgets that are usually required to solve most data challenges," said Stefanos Damianakis, president and CEO, Netrics.  "Adding functionality to the Netrics platform that optimizes web services applications in this vein is simply a natural extension of the technology we've pioneered.  The new features will give organizations the ability to quickly and easily integrate Netrics with their applications."   

The Netrics Data Matching Platform Version 4.0 is immediately available for all customers, and includes the Netrics Matching Engine™ and the Netrics Decision Engine™.  To learn more about the Netrics product suite, visit:  http://www.netrics.com

About Netrics
Netrics brings a totally new approach to making structured data – of any kind – usable despite its imperfections.  The problem isn't with the data; it's the inability to accurately match data.  Netrics matches imperfect data in real-time despite inconsistencies, incompleteness, variations and errors.  Decision-makers at all levels of the organization, from front-line personnel to C-level executives, get information they can trust.  As an embeddable technology, Netrics works with virtually any database, data source or application to quickly, easily and automatically turn data into a business asset.  See www.netrics.com for more information.

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