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Netrics Introduces Data Matching Solution for Public Health and Human Services Agencies
Innovative Solution Addresses Critical Need for Accuracy and Automation

by Peter Traynor, Editor in Chief, Dashboard InsightTuesday, October 7, 2008

PRINCETON, N.J.- October 7, 2008 - Netrics, a technology innovator that makes imperfect data perfectly usable, today introduced Netrics for Public Health and Human Services. This industry-specific solution leverages the Netrics Matching Platform, which finds, matches and links structured data with unprecedented accuracy, empowering state, local and federal agencies to solve the challenges of data imperfection quickly, easily and efficiently.

Accurate data is the lifeblood of public health and human service agencies. Whether the need is to reduce the rate of obesity, improve neo- and post-natal health care, monitor infectious diseases or identify cancer hot-spots the well being of millions depends on the completeness and accuracy of the data agencies collect and manage. However, database information is never 100 percent perfect, never 100 percent consistent and never 100 percent complete and never can be. Data comes from too many sources, and is touched by too many people and systems to remain uniformly consistent. In public health and human services the data may be collected from and shared among different agency personnel such as health workers, lab technicians, social workers, teachers, law enforcement and many others. These factors result in massive obstacles that prevent public health and human service agencies from performing the function they were created for improving the health, safety and well being of the public.

Conventional data matching and data quality approaches do not address the root causes of the problem multiple points of entry and the changing nature of data. Instead, the conventional approaches try to clean up problems only after they enter the database and create adverse events. Additionally, these solutions can not handle problems that occur when new data is introduced into the system, resulting in arduous, resource-draining, manual monitoring to standardize new data and ensure that duplicates, inconsistencies and errors are minimized.

With Netrics for Public Health and Human Services, agencies can proactively address data imperfection before it causes greater problems. The Netrics Matching Platform is a fully automated technology solution that matches imperfect data, in real time, to identify duplicates, variations and inconsistencies, even as new data is entered. This improves the usability of that data and facilitates sharing not only within agencies but also between agencies that maintain similar information for related purposes.

Netrics for Public Health and Human Services enables three new major capabilities:

  • Find critical data that was previously lost, because inconsistencies in the data and/or the queries defeat existing tools;
  • Link records within and across disparate data sources reliably, even when there are significant inconsistencies and differences between them;
  • Eliminate duplicate data which remains hidden due to errors and inconsistencies that prevent conventional software from identifying them.

Everyone is being asked to do more with less today, and finding efficiencies by increasing automation is critical for public agencies, said Stefanos Damianakis, president and CEO, Netrics. Using Netrics, decision-makers at any level of the organization, from front-line personnel to senior administrators, can get data they can trust, without the complexity and overhead of fixing inherently imperfect data. Our fundamentally different approach uses patented mathematical modeling that mimics human perception of similarity. This increases automation significantly by making mission-critical data useable despite its inherent imperfections a critical success factor for agencies to better and more effectively serve the public.

Netrics for Public Health and Human Services is available immediately. To learn more about this product and how the State of California Department of Public Health uses Netrics, visit: http://www.netrics.com/index.php/Resources.html.

About Netrics

Netrics brings a totally new approach to making structured data of any kind usable despite its imperfections. The problem isnt with the data; its the inability to accurately match data. Netrics matches imperfect data in real-time despite inconsistencies, incompleteness, variations and errors. Decision-makers at all levels of the organization, from front-line personnel to C-level executives, get information they can trust. As an embeddable technology, Netrics works with virtually any database, data source or application to quickly, easily and automatically turn data into an organizational or business asset. See www.netrics.com for more information.

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