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Panopticon Developer SDK 5.2 Incorporates New Multi-Visualizations, Custom Filters and Enhanced Interactivity for Improved Data Analysis

by Hugh Heinsohn, VP/Director, Panopticon Software Monday, November 17, 2008
The new release combines business intelligence functionality with interactive information visualization to let users take control of their data and quickly turn it into actionable information.

Stockholm, Sweden, November 17, 2008 - Panopticon Software, the leading provider  of information visualization technology, today announced that it has released a  major new version of Panopticon Developer. The company's flagship product is a comprehensive development platform enabling end users and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to embed visualization technology into their business applications.

Panopticon Developer 5.2 is the newest version of the company's fully documented, comprehensive Software Developer Kit (SDK). It allows companies to tightly embed  Panopticon's visualizations into proprietary business applications. The SDK allows programmers to create thin client, or thick client applications. It includes a robust yet flexible StreamCube(TM) data model designed to accept real-time data streams. This delivers in-memory OLAP analysis functionality for real-time data. The data  model and all controls included in the SDK are well documented in a complete developer's manual and in example project code comments.

Brian O'Keefe, Panopticon's Director of Product Management, stated "Our SDK 5.2 release clearly shows that Panopticon is fulfilling its mission to be the development platform of choice for programmers who look to build visual interactive applications.  Panopticon Developer 5.2 surpasses the two most important criteria for pervasive software, namely, ease of use and ease of integration."

The technology offers highly interactive support for visually intuitive slicing and dicing of datasets, for selection, for real-time visualizations, for easier breakdown and aggregation of data and for new rendering styles. The Developer 5.2 offering provides the important features of Panopticon's earlier technology, but  is extended to incorporate a range of time saving features such as additional complementary visual controls.

This new release adds several major new features to the SDK:

  • Four New Visualizations:  Scatter Plot, Line Graph, Grid Table and Geographic Map. These new visualizations complement the SDK's previously offered Treemap, Heat Map, Heat Matrix, Barseries, Horizon Graph, and Stack Graph visualizations.
  • New Filtering Controls:  Support run-time on-the-fly visual manipulation of color and size dimensions to make detection of outliers easier and more efficient. Also supports on-the-fly filtering in multiple data dimensions, which enables visual definition of complex data queries with multiple simultaneous criteria.
  • Expanded Support for Rich User Interface Capabilities:  The system now allows programmers to enable the capture of mouse events, including drag-and-drop, mouse-gesture selection and related functions. This new capability allows developers to create  much richer, more intuitive user interfaces for information visualization modules and components.
  • New Data Aggregation Functions:  Developer 5.2 incorporates a new overriding aggregation function that provides pre-calculated measures for totals and aggregates. This allows the system to display negative and positive values in the same visualization coded by size, while still calculating and displaying correct aggregate values.

Panopticon's Developer SDK 5.2 is available for use in Microsoft .NET and Java environments and is now shipping.


About Panopticon

Panopticon information visualization technology allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and corporations to add monitoring and analysis functions to their applications. The company's Developer SDK allows programmers to embed Treemaps, Heat Maps and other effective business intelligence capabilities into enterprise applications.

Panopticon also offers productized desktop and web-deployed applications that customers can deploy very quickly. People use Panopticon products in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, project management, packaged food, industrial manufacturing, and retail. Clients include Thomson Reuters, JP Morgan  Chase, Deltek, and Arcelor Mittal. The company has offices in New York, London and Stockholm.

For more information

Hugh Heinsohn, VP Marketing,
+1 503 360 4844

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