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SAS Helps Organizations Go Green
SAS® for Sustainability Management to address environmental, social, and economic situations and align these to stakeholders’ strategic objectives

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsWednesday, April 30, 2008

On April 29th, 2008 SAS announced their SAS® for Sustainability Management to address environmental, social, and economic situations and align these to stakeholders’ strategic objectives. With a greater focus on green initiatives and conserving energy, organizations are more focused on employing more environmentally friendly initiatives within the workplace. Organizations are moving past the idea of simply recycling and towards using technology more efficiently and implementing solutions that help identify and manage how actions taken affect the environment.

The McKinsey Quarterly survey of September 2007 states that climate change issues are a top priority for executives worldwide. The difficulty becomes in the identification of how to measure the impact that organizations are having on the environment.

“Measuring and managing environmental impact is difficult, intricate work that stretches across an organization’s operations. Causal relationships connecting issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, use of scarce resources, ethical sourcing and regulatory compliance make it extremely complex to invest in green technology and expand sales of products and services with measurably better environmental performance.” Consequently, organizations are starting to look towards business intelligence to aid in their initiatives to manage their organizations in a way that lessens the negative impacts of their actions on the environment. SAS’ announcement can help organizations achieve these goals.

About SAS for Sustainability Management

SAS® for Sustainability Management is “based on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform and uses the Global Reporting Initiative framework to report on Triple Bottom Line indicators. These indicators relate to the three spheres of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic, using SAS’ predictive abilities to validate strategies, identify causal relationships, forecast improvement scenarios and drive innovation.”

About Global Reporting Initiative

The Sustainability Reporting Guidelines are part of an overall initiative of the Sustainability Reporting Framework.  This initiative provides general guidance for organizations to help them identify areas of sustainability performance as well as benchmark against other organizations that follow this framework.

For more information about the GRI, please visit their Website at: http://www.globalreporting.org/Home


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