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SiSense launches its BI software solution

by Lyndsay WiseMonday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008 - SiSense, a business intelligence solution provider, launches its BI solution Prism 1.0.  SiSense’s goal is to provide small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with an easy to use, in-memory BI solution that is centered on the end user experience.  With over 2500 customers of its six-month-old beta launch, SiSense enters the BI market with a fairly substantial customer base and reference able customers.   

In addition to a low price point beginning at $50 per workgroup and a free 30-day trial, its supported databases can be accessed and the data can be used without building a data warehouse or associated repositories.  Prism, its desktop product, allows end users to connect to raw data without involvement or support from IT, making its installation and adoption across the organization easier.

General product features of Prism include:

  • Connections to the following data sources - MS SQL Server, My SQL, MS Access, Excel, .csv files, Oracle, Google Spreadsheets, and Amazon S3 logs
  • Support of sharing and distribution in workgroups and allowing real-time and offline analysis
  • Powerful analytics with a drag and drop user interface
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing

By entering the market with an existent customer base, organizations interested in trying Prism can use current customers as resources to identify whether the solution will meet their needs.  In many cases, organizations feel that they are taking a risk when they select a newer market entrant.  With SiSense, organizations can look to a wide variety of current customers.

Customer references cited in the SiSense press release include:

  • Shams Jiwani of Piedmont Healthcare: "I love SiSense. I use it to create professional dashboards for executive use. They are easy to create and yet provide in-depth detail." 
  • Richard Schrader of Samsung Telecommunications Americas: “…We use SiSense to graphically display business performance metrics and present the results to our senior management, using color codes.  Basically, we use SiSense as a dashboard that makes it easy to understand when performance is changing without having to go through endless numbers."
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