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Sybase Leverages Major BI Vendors to Implement Full BI Stack
Customers can now Easily and Affordably Deploy Sybase Analytic Appliance on IBM POWER Systems with the MicroStrategy BI Platform

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsTuesday, May 13, 2008

May 12, 2008 – Sybase, Inc. has announced its Sybase® Analytic Appliance enabling organizations to conduct advanced analytics within a data warehousing appliance.  Partnering with IBM through IBM® POWER™ Systems and MicroStrategy 8™, the Sybase announcement means that organizations can implement a full BI stack by taking advantage of the strengths of all three vendors within their respective areas. 

With an increased focus on data warehousing appliances in general, Sybase is now poised to directly compete with a multitude of appliance players as well as cater to the companies that are looking for an overall BI solution provided by best-of-breed niche players.

Some features include:

  • Sybase IQ, column-oriented database
  • ETL that is integrated with the new system to enable data to be loaded into the Sybase Analytic Appliance
  • Data modeling tool that reads the source data warehouse schemas and automatically generates the target appliance schema
  • Ability to upgrade and increase storage based on future requirements
  • Integrated console with DBA and system management tools with the potential for remote management services for organizations that require zero-administration

As with all new products and offerings there are risks involved.  However, because of the proven track record of Sybase with Sybase IQ, they may be better poised to compete in the overall BI and appliance arenas because of its past successes in comparison with other data appliance vendors that are newer to the market and pushing to partner with other vendors to leverage expertise and provide an overall product stack. 

In addition, Sybase has also announced a targeted analytics platform called RAP.  RAP is a market analytics platform that allows capital market firms to made trading, risk, and portfolio decisions without as much risk.  Organizations can run historical analysis that identifies trading histories and patterns, quantitative analysis to identify patterns over time using time-series market data, etc. 

Overall, how Sybase continues to evolve will be interesting to watch.  Because of its natural propensity towards analytics due to its structure, Sybase’s continued expansion into the realm of analytics and potential development of other vertical-based analytical solutions might create additional competition for other analytics vendors in the next couple of years.

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