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Sybase TechWave 2008 – an integrated approach to data management

by Lyndsay WiseFriday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday August 5th, 2008 marked the kick-off of Sybase’s annual user conference. With a focus on unwiring the enterprise and transforming organizations from a computing centric environment towards using a communication-oriented approach, Sybase’s key message is to use mobile technology to simplify the way data in managed and transmitted.  Coupling mobile with data management services and analytics encompass Sybase’s overall solution stack.  Within analytics specifically, more emphasis is being placed on transforming transaction data (i.e. the data pulled from staff on the road) into usable analytics to enable real-time decision-making and increasing the information available about the customer.

In a keynote address, Raj Nathan, Senior VP and CMO, talked about the implications of transitioning towards an unwired enterprise and how IT shops today do not have the proper infrastructures to move successfully beyond organization wide information access towards accessing data and providing value for non-employees from outside the firewall.  In essence, the goal of any organization that wants to succeed within the information age is to move towards a Web 2.0 approach focusing on how customers and employees interact with their computing environment.  This is in general opposition with the way today’s ERP, CRM, and BI applications work, but will become the future norm regarding one’s interaction with technology both inside and outside the workplace.

In addition to the focus on an unwired enterprise, Sybase announced a growth rate of 38% in licensing revenue and 16% growth overall.  This matches industry estimates of 60% growth in data volumes being captured within the organization.  The need to manage relevant data in near real-time leads to greater potential regarding the access to essential information that enables proactive decision-making.  Consequently, with more information available more often, more people benefit from operational and analytical applications.

Conference highlights

The conference included over 100 training sessions throughout the week and had a turnout of over 1200 attendees.  Aside from a focus on learning and networking, Sybase made several announcements throughout the week such as:

  • The availability of Sybase PowerBuilder 11.5, a 4GL rapid application development (RAD) tool.  The new release includes increased interoperability for .NET environments, simplified security, and flexibility in deployment options
  • SQL Anywhere version 11 database and synchronization solution that enables deployment outside the data center.  Some new features include embedded full-text search, parallel sorting, and support for BlackBerry devices, MySQL, and background data synchronization
  • The availability of the Sybase Analytic Appliance combining Sybase IQ with PowerDesigner, IBM Power Systems and MicroStrategy to provide advanced analytics capabilities. The appliance includes pre-configured hardware, software, and storage and enables data compression by up to 70 percent. Some features include:
    • A 10-user license of MicroStrategy for front end business intelligence applications
    • Integrated ETL for fast near real-time data loads
    • Automatic generation of target appliance schemas based on readings of source data warehouse schemas
    • A unified DBA and system management tool with options for remote management services for organizations requiring zero-administration on site
    • Optional data models for vertical industries including financial, healthcare, banking, insurance, and telecommunications
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