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Tableau Software Unveils Tableau 4.0
Tableau Previews its New Desktop and Server BI and Data Visualization Software at its Sold-out Customer Conference

by Maroushka Kanywani, Editor, Dashboard InsightMonday, July 21, 2008

SEATTLE, July 21, 2008 - Today at its first ever Customer Conference, Tableau Software the global leader in fast analytics and visualization software, announced the upcoming availability of Tableau 4.0. The release includes updates to both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, which together combine powerful visual analysis capabilities with the ability to easily share data findings throughout an organization. Tableau 4.0 includes one-click analytical map creation, usability enhancements and capabilities to embed and share live Tableau views with other applications such as Web applications, intranets and documents.

Tableau 4.0 will be available as a free trial download from Tableau's Web site on August 7, 2008, and more information can be found at http://www.tableausoftware.com/tableau4.

More details about the Conference can be found at http://www.tableaucustomerconference.com.

During Tableau's sold-out first-ever Customer Conference at Seattle's Edgewater Hotel on July 20-22, nearly 200 of Tableau's customers will preview and interact with Tableau 4.0. Tableau's award-winning visual analysis software connects directly to a wide assortment of data sources, allowing people to express data relationships through easy-to-understand visualizations.

In keeping with Tableau's tradition of making business intelligence software accessible to anyone who needs to make decisions with data, this release focuses on making data discovery even easier with the following enhancements.

Mapping: Tableau 4.0 takes visualization a step further by marrying data and maps in a new, easy-to-use way, allowing people to answer "where?" questions easily and directly.

  • With a mouse click, people can create meaningful analytic maps they can interact with. No need to understand map layers or complex geographic parameters -- Tableau does all the work automatically.
  • From there, individual users can easily change the way their data is presented and drill down more deeply into the underlying information. Never before have data and maps been so seamlessly integrated.

Usability: Tableau Software 4.0 makes the data discovery and exploration process even easier and more intuitive for users.

  • Visual cues in the drag-and-drop interface help users see what to do and what will result.
  • People can quickly find and sort their work via visual representations - not just long file names.
  • Maps and scatterplots can use custom shapes, images and logos as items on visualizations for maximum communication power.
  • Web-based users can customize and personalize their views -- and they can easily control, change and share their favorite data visualizations with colleagues.

Sharing/Embedding: Tableau 4.0 puts data where people most need it and are most likely to use it. It also allows users to share information in the way that makes the most sense for them. Visualizations can be embedded in Web applications, portals and Web sites, and conversely, Web applications can also be embedded into Tableau.

  • What's more, Tableau visualizations aren't static, but real-time representations of the underlying data. By putting meaningful information at users' fingertips, Tableau helps people and organizations make better decisions.

"With our sold-out Customer Conference and the release of Tableau 4.0, it's a very exciting time for us," said Christian Chabot, CEO of Tableau Software. "We are continuously innovating to meet the data visualization needs of our customers, and this latest release reflects not only our hard work but their insights and input. It's really gratifying to celebrate our latest release together with so many of our loyal customers."

Those who are not able to attend the Customer Conference can still follow all the action online via live video feeds, by reading Tableau's blog and through a variety of social networking Web sites:

In addition, Tableau has posted several images of how actual Tableau customers have used the new features of Tableau to its Flickr account at http://www.tableausoftware.com/flickr. These include images regarding voting machine data in Virginia, patient healthcare utilization and medical education programs.

About Tableau Software

Tableau Software, a privately held company based in Seattle, is the leading provider of fast analytics and visualization software. Its award- winning products can be downloaded at http://www.tableausoftware.com/trial.htm and used by anyone, including executives, managers, business analysts, strategic consultants, financial professionals, market researchers, scientists and engineers in nearly every industry. For more information, visit http://www.tableausoftware.com.

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