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Teradata’s New Family Platform

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsTuesday, May 20, 2008

In April, Teradata announced their new platform family to expand their product offerings beyond their traditional model of enterprise data warehousing on a large scale.  With three main areas to choose from, Teradata’s new family platform enables organizations to choose data warehousing options based on their current maturity and requirements as well as at a lower price point.

Teradata has always had analytical capabilities and their main focus has been on active data warehousing within large enterprises with large data requirements.  With their expanded product suite, organizations that are newer to data warehousing or that may require separate data warehouses due to departmental solutions or specified requirements can now take advantage of Teradata’s offerings.  Organizations can use separate Teradata products for strategic intelligence – to report on what happened and to analyze why.  Their larger data warehousing products enable operational intelligence – keeping up to date information that identifies what is currently happening within the organization based on a continuous stream of real-time data and automated business rules.

The new platform includes the following:

  • Teradata 550 is targeted as a departmental data warehouse.
  • Teradata 2500 is an entry-level data warehouse which enables organizations that are new to data warehousing or alternatively have analytical platform requirements without the costs associated with an enterprise data warehouse.
  • Teradata 5550 is an active data warehouse-class platform that provides up to two times the system performance over their respective predecessors.

In general, the data warehousing market has expanded with offerings reflecting the growing diversity in the overall business intelligence market.  Consequently, Teradata’s choice to expand their offerings enables them to compete outside their current sweet spot and comparatively with other data warehousing appliance vendors that are positioning their products based on price points or towards smaller organizations.


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