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Teradata Unveils Data Quality Consulting Service

by Maroushka Kanywani, Editor, Dashboard InsightWednesday, October 15, 2008

By Raju Shanbag, TMCnet

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) has unveiled its newest consulting service, the Data Quality Scorecard. Offering a corrective action plan to address data quality issues, the service quickly and cost-effectively identifies immediate data concerns, says the company.

The Teradata Data Quality Scorecard is a six-step process that identifies high priority data quality concerns. It uses the scorecard to continuously monitor and trend the data quality areas on an ongoing basis, after creating rules to isolate and fix the violations. Helping companies better understand data quality issues, evaluate improvement opportunities, and measure progress over time, a data quality scorecard appears as a dashboard on the desk of “data stewards.” Teradata can configure a data quality scorecard and other data stewardship reports in just three weeks with the help of a proof-of-concept approach. The scorecard can be implemented using Teradata’s Viewpoint portal or the customer’s existing business intelligence reporting tool.

Teradata Professional Services uses an iterative approach that includes helping companies set up a viable governance framework, mentoring data stewards who will now own and act on data problems, and the implementation of master data management software and services.

Companies suffer losses of billions of dollars each year because of poor data quality costs, according to The Data Warehousing Institute. The survey states that nearly half of respondents believe their organization's data is “worse than everyone thinks.” Decisions that affect an organization’s bottom line every day can be considerably improved even with a small improvement in data quality. From their data warehouse implementation, many companies have had a laser focus on quick time-to-value. But many data quality initiatives never take off as the task seems overwhelming. Teradata says its Data Quality Scorecard service makes getting started manageable and makes the payback tangible.

“Although a data quality action plan is imperative for all companies, we believe this is an especially valuable approach for companies just beginning a data warehouse implementation,” says Dave Klumb, vice president, Teradata Global Professional Services. “Poor data quality leads to poor decisions; superior data quality leads to superior decisions. Addressing data quality early on helps to insure that the superior decisions necessary to drive business success are enabled.”

Source: TMCnet

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